Fashion 2016: Spring / Summer - Casual Style

In all the fashionable collection shows of the upcoming season, as never before, the main emphasis is on the demonstration of everyday clothes. Let's talk about the 2016 fashion of the spring-summer season for women, with photos of everyday mod...

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How to choose the right rubber boots at the time of purchase

Rubber boots are not just necessary, but really irreplaceable thing. They will save their feet from the water in the spring and autumn, when there is nowhere to hide from the rains and puddles on the street. But only those shoes that have been ...

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Fashionable dresses for full women 2016

Lush shapes are no reason to deny yourself the luxury of looking stylish and elegant. On the catwalks of the world's most famous brands, one can often find models plus saiz, which once again proves that all stereotypes about ideal forms have lo...

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