Food soda: benefit and harm, reviews

Soda is a fairly common product that can be found in almost every home. The benefits of such a product are manifold. Some use it as a cleanser, and many use to eliminate unpleasant odors. The chemical formula or scientific name of such a powder...

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Sprouted soybean sprouts - tasty and incredibly useful

By the end of winter, our body begins to experience an acute shortage of vitamins and essential trace elements. As scientists have established - vitamin complexes, practically, are useless and play the role of placebo. So is it worth it to spen...

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Boltushka from acne - 6 recipes from a dermatologist

Chatterbox is a medicinal solution made from physician-matched components. In pharmacies, similar formulations are made according to the prescribed prescription. The main ingredients of suspensions for the treatment of acne are antimicrobial an...

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