Hugh Jackman

  • Date of birth: October 12, 1968
  • Height: 189 cm
  • Weight: 85-100 kg
  • Best movies: X-Men, X-Men: Wolverine( X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Real Steel, The Prestige, Van Helsing.
Why do men begin to grow their stomach after 30 years and muscle mass decreases? Metabolism after thirty.

How do the stars train?

Don Scott, personal trainer of Hugh Jackman, who has been dealing with him for more than three years, describes his client as a true fan of strength training. According to him, Hugh is happy to train even before the 14-hour working day on the set.

Preparing for the shooting in the movie "Fountain", Hugh was engaged in yoga every day for a year. And in order to look "dry" in the movie "Living Steel", he trained with a heart monitor, making sure that the pulse does not fall below 140 beats per minute.

Motivation for a superhero

In an interview, Hugh often says that training for him is no more than work. He admits that he does not belong to those who really enjoy them, and if his will, he would rather float in the ocean than monotonously raise iron in the gym.

In order to play the role of Wolverine superhero, or former boxer Charlie Kenton in "Living Steel", he had to recruit 10-15 kg.muscles. On the other hand, twenty million dollars for the role are well worth the trouble.

Filming in the film "Living Steel"

Preparation for the role in the film "Living Steel" took almost a year - Jackman had not only to gain muscle mass, but also to learn boxing movements. With him was engaged former champion in the middleweight category Michael Olajid Jr., as well as Sugar Ray Leonard himself.

The main task of Leonard was to give the actor the technique of strokes, saying that he is a veteran of boxing. The first thing he advised Hugh to pay attention to is eye contact with the enemy, and the emotions that this contact conveys.

Hugh Jackman in his youth

Another actor trainer, Mike Rhine, with whom Hugh was engaged for more than 20 years, and who prepared him for the shootings in "The X-Men" and "Van Helsing," talks about how Jackman was in his youth: "Hewas very thin, and we even called him Chicken Feet. "

Raine believes that it is best to train early in the morning - this allows you to give your training completely, because the head is not full of problems and extraneous thoughts. He says that evening and afternoon workouts are much less effective.

Hugh Jackman's training program

Normal Jackman training takes 90 minutes, including 10 minutes of warm-up and 20 minutes of hitching. As a warm-up before training is used running and exercises with body weight, as a hitching - the aforementioned running or swimming.

Rhine believes that basic exercises work best. In addition, it is useful to work out the movements at different angles, with different speeds and different intensities - one and the same program can be performed in an entirely different way, slightly changing the tempo.

Supersets and work to failure

The key moment in muscle growth is the actor's coach calls work to failure. That's why Hugh combines basic and isolating exercises( for example, bench press and information in the simulator) in the supertet, performing the last repetitions with the help of a coach.

Hugh Jackman's training sessions are divided into sessions for different muscle groups: on Monday - chest and triceps, on Tuesday - legs, on Thursday - back and biceps, on Friday - shoulders and press. One basic and three isolating exercises are always performed by a supernet.

Diet and sports supplements of Jackman

By training intensively to increase muscle mass, Hugh divides his daily ration by six or even seven servings per day. His coach believes that there are often, but in small portions, much more correct and useful than rare, but large.

In addition, the actor pays special attention to obtaining a sufficient amount of protein from natural products, using protein cocktails only after training. As an evening, "slow", protein, he uses the usual cottage cheese.


The success of Hugh Jackman's training is built on basic exercises, full workout and a high-grade protein diet. The combination of these three elements allows the actor to gain 10-15 kilograms of muscle in preparation for the role of superheroes.


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