Why is CrossFit dangerous?

How did the crossfit appear?

Crossfit is a sport that has become popular not because of its real efficiency, but thanks to the Reebok campaign, which produces the appropriate equipment. Until the launch of the Reebok CrossFit advertising campaign in 2012, only a few knew the crossfit.

Despite the fact that sports doctors and trainers have warned for many years about the dangers of such activities for an unprepared organism, television advertising and brand-working athletes in cross-referee halls are forcing people to believe otherwise.

What are the pros and cons of strength training, crossfit and functional training for girls? Crossfit for women.

Powerful physique: the deception of advertising

People involved in active sports( a vivid example - rugby), look powerful not because they are engaged in such sports - most likely, they have always been large. The constitution is extremely difficult to change by training, because it is genetically inherent.

The same goes for crossfit -

the fact that muscular people are engaged in this kind of sport does not mean that they became such thanks to training. More often than not, the trainers and sportsmen recruited the form with a classical power training and basic program.

Dangerous Exercises

Most of the exercises used in crossfiting are far from as simple as they seem at first glance. Push-ups on the rings, various ejections and throwing weight can easily cause such a serious sports injury, as a dislocation of the shoulder joint.

Such a trauma can not only put a cross on strength training, but also cause permanent pain. So dangerous exercises require detailed analysis of mechanics and the study of safe technology, which the crossfit devotes minimal attention.

Unable to set muscle

The muscle set is 80% nutrition and recovery, and only the remaining 20% ​​is strength training. Excessively active training for an unprepared organism is rather a way to injure joints and connective tissues than a way of creating a sports body.

Shock therapy with shock loads and burning 1000 calories per exercise, promised by a crossfit - is definitely not what the body needs to build new muscle tissue. The issue of giving the body relief is also not as simple as the newcomers see it.

The relief begins with the

diet. Weight loss does not consist in the rule "burn more calories than you consume."Most people lose weight faster by observing an adequate diet and lack of physical exertion, than with insane sports activity, but with malnutrition.

Crossfit in principle does not emphasize the fact that it is the trainees who eat during the day, before and after training. The beginner creates an erroneous confidence that you can forget about the diet, switching attention to increasing physical activity to the maximum.

Sport that is not suitable for all

Despite the fact that before the beginning of the training the trainers sign a paper saying that they are aware of the danger of such training and do not have any contraindications, in reality there are no health checks and no one warns about the possible consequences.

The author of this material personally observed the girl at 6-7 months of pregnancy, actively engaged in a crossfit, running with a bag of sand and pushing out the weight. Training was conducted in the flagship club Reebok CrossFit Louvre in Paris.

The final recommendation of the

FitSeven does not at all prohibit cross-fencing - we just want to note that this sport is one of the most traumatic. Those who decided to deal with them should fully understand both the potential pluses and possible disadvantages and risks.

Speaking of the pros - in spite of the fact that circular cross-training will make your body more fit, it is difficult to speak about the set of muscle mass. The same goes for weight loss - there are much more effective and safe methods.


Crossfit, one of the most popular fitness trends of recent years, is a rather dangerous sport, not suitable for everyone. The opinion that with his help you can create a sporty and muscular figure is rather an advertising myth.





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