Operation Bikini: 4 week

1: Do not try to lose weight fasting

Despite the fact that diets with a reduced level of carbohydrates( about 50-70 grams per day) work well for girls, the total caloric intake should not be significantly reduced. Hungry diets only worsen the metabolism, forcing the body to gain fat.

Do not under any circumstances lower the calorie content of food lower than 1500 kcal per day, and never practice mono-kits so discussed in glossy women's magazines. Instead, learn to work with a sense of hunger to eat as much as the body needs.

2: Forget about fat-free products

The main enemy of a slender female figure is not at all food fat, but sugar( just like all its variations, including juices).The transition to low-fat, low-fat meals with a high level of carbohydrates is the worst thing a girl can do to lose weight.

It is important to remember that if the male body needs carbohydrates for the muscles, then the female body prefers to work on free fatty acids. Reasonable restriction of carbohydrates, a moderate level of fat and a high level of protein - these are the foundations of the female diet.

3: Walk, do not run

FitSeven already mentioned that the only correct fat burning strategy for girls is, firstly, strength training to increase the intake of sugars by muscles, and, secondly, moderate cardio training to improve the metabolism of carbohydrates in general.

In most cases, a 40-minute walk at a quick pace will be more effective for burning fat than a 20-minute run at 10 km / h or even 30 min of aerobic exercise. In fact, the female body prefers to part with fat in a "slow mode".

4: Go in for sports in the first week of the cycle

The level of hormones at different weeks of the menstrual cycle varies significantly. In the first week of menstruation, with a low level of estrogen, female metabolism is as close to the male as possible, which greatly facilitates the process of getting rid of fat stores.

If the physical condition allows, use the hormonal advantage of the first week of the cycle, using high intensity training - interval running or cyclic training. Teach this way the body works on carbohydrates.

5: Tone the muscles of the body

Most often the muscular mass of the lower half of the body of the girls is significantly higher than the muscle mass of the upper half. The musculature of the legs and buttocks, actively developed during walking, differs significantly from the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms that are practically not subjected to stress.

Even if the girl's dream is not huge biceps and pumped wide, she still has to remind her body that in the upper body also have muscles that need energy. Training with a lot of weight and 5-7 repetitions is the best way.

6: Improve the proportions of the body

Another important task, solved by weight training of the upper body - the improvement of proportions. Unnecessarily wide hips will visually less even with a slight increase in the back, and moderately developed muscles of the arms will make them tightened.

Another component of the sporting proportions of the figure is the correct posture. Constant sitting in a sitting position and walking on his heels lead to the fact that the chest tightens, and the shoulders fall down, making the already narrow female back already.

7: Deal with stress

Although yoga and pilates are not activities that spend a lot of calories, they are still important for creating a tight body. First, they help to improve posture, and secondly, they normalize the level of stress hormones and cortisol.

Girls especially important to monitor the level of cortisol, because its high level provokes a bad mood, inhibition and apathy - all that can lead to uncontrolled consumption of sweet foods in an attempt to overcome depression.


Beginning next week, "Bikini Operations", we will offer our readers training programs and the main recommendations on nutrition with reference to different weeks of the menstrual cycle, based on the logic described in the materials of the first weeks.