Fat Burning for Girls

Fat Burning Exercise for Girls

Often it is believed that the best way to lose weight for girls is to follow a diet and exercise cardio or aerobic workouts. However, diets are more effective for men, and the fastest way to create a tight and elastic body for girls is strength training.

The reaction of the female body to a well-designed strength training program often exceeds expectations, as in just a few weeks the body switches to "sport mode" - fat burns problem areas, muscles tighten and overall contours are improved.

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Features of the female metabolism of

The main difference between women's sports metabolism is that in most cases the body prefers to use free fatty acids as a source of energy, rather than carbohydrates. Due to this factor, any excess of carbohydrates in the girl's diet is quickly deposited on her waist.

Only in the first week of the menstrual cycle, the female metabolism is similar to the male, since the level of estrogen in the body is minimal. That's why it is recommended to start the training program below at this time. Naturally, if the general state of health allows it.

Female training for weight loss

The main task of fat burning training for girls is not to maximize the calories spent, but to switch the body into a mode of using glucose( that is, carbohydrates) as the main source of energy. This literally changes metabolism, allowing you to burn fat.

// Monday: training HIIT

At the beginning of the workout, an easy warm-up for 3-4 minutes is performed, followed by 5-7 cycles of high-intensity HIIT training, consisting of alternating 30-40 seconds of the active load( the fastest run or rapid pedaling of the exercise bike) with60 seconds of weak intensity( walking or exercise bike at an average pace).After two cycles, a break of 30-40 seconds follows. At the end - 5 minutes of hitching and stretching.

// Wednesday: circular training for fat burning

Strength exercises are performed with light weight, one after another, with minimal interruptions and the maximum possible number of repetitions. Seven exercises - one cycle. After the completion of each cycle, a break is made for 30-90 seconds, then the cycle of exercises repeats.

  • Tightening on the low crossbar( option - TRX belts)
  • Push-ups from the tricus bench
  • Lifting the dumbbells in front of you
  • Push-ups from the fitball
  • Squats with arms outstretched
  • Torsion on the
  • press

jump jumping // Friday: introductory basic training

This day consists of five basic strength exercises, performed 12-15 times with an average weight. The goal is the most technical repetition. Break between the approaches - 30-45 seconds, between exercises - 60 seconds. Before the start of training - warm-up.

  • Sit-ups with a bar - 3x12
  • Bench press bar - 3х15
  • Rod rod to the belt - 3х15
  • Standing rod press - 3х15
  • Deadlift - 2х15

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Explanations to the program

High-intensity interval training Monday is needed for several purposes at once - optimization of glucose use, acceleration of metabolism and fat burning. Circular training of the medium increases the level of growth hormone, thus burning subcutaneous fat.

Strength training Friday even more changes the metabolism of the girl, because active muscle training requires the body to switch to the use of carbohydrates as the main fuel. Among other things, in the weekend the body restores muscles, also spending on it carbohydrates.

Power recommendations

Since the main task of fat burning training is to change the metabolism of glucose, it is important to give up any sources of fast carbohydrates( sugar, sweets, baked goods and flour products), preferring complex carbohydrates with fiber( vegetables and various cereals).

In addition, the diet for fat burning should contain a lot of vegetable fats( primarily olive and coconut oil) and useful omega-3 fatty acids - about 30-40% of the total caloric value. The basis of nutrition - lean meat and other sources of protein.

Sample menu

The basic daily caloric intake of food is 2000 kcal( a girl of 25 years, height 170 cm and weight 55 kg, doing sports 3-4 times a week).Deficiency for weight loss, 15% - 1700 kcal. The recommended amount of protein - 110-125 grams, fat - 80-95 grams, carbohydrates - 60-80 grams.

  • Breakfast: omelet of 3 eggs, toast from whole grain bread, one medium fruit.
  • Lunch: salmon steak( 100-150 g), brown rice( 70-100 g), a little grated cheese.
  • Snack: two portions of a protein shake, a handful of almonds or other nuts.
  • Dinner: fried in olive oil chicken breast( 100-150 g), a side dish of broccoli or string beans.


The main task of fat burning training for girls is not to waste calories, but to change metabolism in order to switch it into a mode of spending glucose. That is why to achieve a quick result, it is recommended to follow a diet with the maximum restriction of simple carbohydrates.