Autumn tree from egg shell

Crafts for children are becoming more attractive than the more original approach to creating them you use. A special attraction is crafts made of natural materials, which are found everywhere, and therefore attract special interest.

The original approach to the use of natural material you can demonstrate on the example of the craft "Autumn Tree" from the egg shell.

Autumn tree from egg shell

Autumn tree from the egg shell

In each house for a few days, probably will be typed several egg shells, which are the basis of this work.

First of all, we will need to grind the shells a little and paint them in red, yellow and orange acrylic paint, which for this purpose is poured into waste utensils or disposable containers. That the paint is better absorbed, we leave for a short while the shells immersed in it.

We color shells

Paint the shells

Then gently drain the paint and dry the shells. You can get them out of the container with tweezers and dry them on a spread newspaper, cloth or paper. Dry shells are put in one flat plate, so that the child can easily choose them.

Dry the shells

Dry the shells

Take a sheet of pale green or blue cardboard or paper. From brown paper we cut out the contours of a tree with many branches. We paste the tree on a green or blue sheet. Against this background, it will look very impressive.

We glue a tree on a cardboard

We glue the tree on the

cardboard. We cover the branches with autumn leaves, the role of which is played by colorful pieces of shells. We fix them with PVA glue or polymer glue.

We glue shells

We glue the shells of

For each sprig we paste the leaves of different colors, choosing the same in size.

Colored leaves from shells

Colored leaves from shells

You can cover the leaves and the trunk, and the space around it, imitating a strong leaf fall. From above, you can sprinkle the shells with hairspray - then their surface will become shiny and bright.

Done! Thanks to the colored shells, the tree has acquired color and volume.

Autumn application of colored shells

Autumn applique from colored shells

It only remains to wait until the glue dries well, and you can weigh our picture on the wall!