Ringworm and its treatment with folk remedies

The disease "microsporia", or as it is also called - ringworm, refers to skin fungal diseases. Fungus, which affects the scalp, the surface of the body, and sometimes the eyelashes, manifests itself in the form of rounded foci with hair loss. Infect this disease can be by direct contact with sick animals or people.

ointment from lichen

Often the source of infection are: combs, towels, bed linen, hats. Particularly susceptible to the disease are children and people with weakened immunity, who have scrapes and scratches on the body. Treatment of such a fungal disease as ringworm requires patience and time. With timely measures to combat the disease, the symptoms of the disease are already in a month.

Content of the article:

  • Traditional medicine recommends
  • Infusions of medicinal herbs
  • Treatment with propolis and films from chicken eggs
  • Ancient means - raisins

Traditional medicine recommends

At home, it is possible to recommend the use of some folk remedies that are usually used

for all types of lichens, includingnumber - and shearing. Consider home-made ointments.

plantain 1. It is possible to prepare such a medicinal mixture. Take the leaves of plantain( best May), grind and squeeze the juice( 1 glass).Add ash to the birch bark( 1 tablespoon) and alcohol( 1 teaspoon).All mixed and soap grease.

After 5 days, with daily rubbing of the mixture into the skin, significant results of treatment will be noticeable. Apply the medicine to the skin at least 5 times a day.

2. Very easy to remove the itch and restore the skin and hair growth this ointment from beet. One should take one, medium-sized root vegetable, and boil until soft( like a salad).Further it is cleaned and rubbed on a fine grater. In this mass, add the same amount of honey. The composition is thoroughly mixed and sent to the cold for 1 day. The lichen foci are treated three times a day.

Infusions of herbs

1. Ringworm will pass if rubbed into the scalp such a tool. Take 1 tablespoon of pharmaceutical camomile chamomile, fill it with a glass of boiling water, allow to brew for at least half an hour and then rub into the skin daily at least twice a day.

Duration of treatment takes approximately 7 days. After chamomile infusion, the hairline is effectively restored.

2. A powerful folk remedy in the fight against lichens is the use of tinctures from flowers of acacia, chamomile and lilac. It is prepared according to this instruction. Take 50 grams of each plant, put in a jar and pour a glass of alcohol. In this mixture add 10 milliliters of apple cider vinegar. The mixture should be insisted for at least five days in the dark and drain. The affected foci of the skin are wiped twice a day for five days.

You may also need the recipes from the article Folk remedies for shingles.

Treatment with propolis and films from chicken eggs

There is a popular propolis tincture. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or cooked at home at home to treat lichen. Take a small piece of natural bee product( 50 g) and fill it with a glass of medical alcohol. The container is tightly closed and insisted for four weeks in a dark place, periodically shaking. With the help of cotton wool, the treated substance is treated with lichen spots on the skin 5 times a day for a week.

a raw egg

A simple folk remedy will help get rid of the disease and restore hair growth. Take a fresh raw egg and extract the entire contents: protein and yolk. Carefully remove the film from the inner surface of the shell and the liquid that is under it, lubricate the lesions on the skin. This procedure is carried out three times during the day. The effect is observed after 7 days.

Expert opinion
doctor Makalyuk Victoria Anatolievna

Ringworm is a fungal lesion of the skin and its appendages caused by the causative agent Trichophyton tonsurans. The disease is characterized by the appearance of specific pink-red spots, with subsequent bubble rashes in this zone. Hair located in the place of defeat, fade and break - so it manifests a focal alopecia( baldness) with ringworm.

Dermatologist deals with the treatment of this pathology. The doctor prescribes generic and topical preparations, and traditional medicine can also be used. Decoctions, ointments and infusions on the basis of medicinal plants reduce the severity of inflammation and itching, soften the affected skin, activate its regenerative capabilities.

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Ancient means - raisins

It is well known in the people as a means of combating the ringworm black raisins. Active substances contained in it, quickly cope with parasitic fungi. Here is one of the recipes that came to us from ancient Persia. Take a teaspoon of raisins and pour it with boiling water. Swollen berries are grinded and such a mass is lubricated by sick places no less than twice a day. It is very useful during the treatment to drink and decoction of berries.

It should be remembered that in the treatment of ringworm, it is very important to comply with hygiene rules. Lingerie must be washed separately, adding various disinfectants. Also, cleaning should be done more often and using household products that kill fungi. It is necessary to visit a dermatologist to speed up recovery, taking advantage of his recommendations.