We fight with panic attacks by folk remedies

Panic attacks or vegetative crisis means an ailment characterized by sudden uncontrollable bouts of fear and anxiety. The vegetative crisis is a sign of many diseases, depressions, phobias.

panic attacks

In addition, it can be a side effect of taking medications. To find out the exact diagnosis and get medical help, you need to contact a specialist. He will also recommend folk remedies that help overcome the ailment along with other methods of treatment.

Article content:

  • What triggers panic attacks?
  • Symptoms of vegetative crisis
  • Several recommendations for self-monitoring
  • Panic disorder - treatment with folk remedies
  • Therapeutic treatment against attacks
  • Ore, sweet clover
  • Soothing infusions and collections
  • Bath with valerian

What causes panic attacks?

The reasons for which a person may have mental problems are a huge number. The following should be referred to the main ones:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • incorrect and unbalanced power;
  • frequent stress;
  • the wrong way of life;
  • negative impact of others.

In addition, physicians are allocated a separate category of people, which is more prone to this kind of ailment. Disturbing and hypochondriac by nature people who do not know how to manage their emotions and those that often succumb to hysterics are at risk.

Manifestations of the disease can be associated with a misunderstanding of everything that surrounds the sick person. People who suffer from this ailment are able to unconsciously wind themselves with negative thoughts.

Symptoms of the vegetative crisis

  1. Pulse rate increase;
  2. a constant fear of something;
  3. feeling of fear;
  4. chills, trembling;
  5. sensation of lack of air;
  6. pain in the heart;
  7. nausea;
  8. ringing in the ears;
  9. dizziness;
  10. poor sleep, or lack of sleep;
  11. lowering the level of thinking;
  12. confusion of thoughts.

Some recommendations about self-control

Try to take control of breathing by performing a deep inspiration and slow exhalation. When inhaling, hold your breath for a few seconds.

meditation You can drink water, only in very small sips.

Learn to relax. Sit on a stool or bench, if you're on the street, lie on the couch, if you're at home. Stretch and relax the muscles of the legs, then the muscles of the trunk and hands. Pay special attention to the facial muscles, since they play a big role in the manifestation of emotions.

Get distracted from bad thoughts, deeds, worries. Look in the window, listen to your favorite music or watch a movie.

Get out into the park and admire the nature, breathe the fresh air.

These techniques will help you in the future to overdo the seizures. When you learn to control your emotions, you will have a sense of self-confidence and your own strength.

Panic disorder - treatment with folk remedies

As a rule, therapy of such a disease depends on its manifestations. In addition, mental attacks can be an independent disease, and may be a manifestation of depression, schizophrenia and other diseases of the central nervous system. In this case, the treatment should be directed to the identification of the true cause and its elimination.

Traditional medicine has proven itself in the treatment of panic attacks. Therefore, do not forget to use the folk medicine in addition to the above methods of self-control and relaxation.

Medical treatment from attacks

levzeya You need the preparation of the remedy: the root of leuzea, licorice, dandelion, valerian, volodushki, chicory, grass of linen and juniper.

All ingredients must be dried, crushed and mixed thoroughly. Then a third of the glass of cooked raw materials should be filled with a liter of water and put on a slow fire for 15 minutes.

Pour the infusion in a thermos and let it brew for eight hours. Use throughout the day for 100 ml. The duration of the course is four months.

Oregano, sweet clover

Take a couple of spoons of pre-dried and chopped herbs and pour it with boiled water, leave to infuse for ten minutes. Strain and take 150 ml four times a day for half an hour before prisesta at the table.

For the preparation of alcohol tincture, you need ten grams of fresh oregano. Pound well and pour 100 ml of 70% ethyl alcohol. Leave to infuse in a dark dry place for ten days. Use thirty drops three times a day.

Take two spoons of sweet clover, chop and pour half a liter of cooled boiled water. Stir well. Cover the jar with a lid and leave to infuse for four hours. Take 100 ml three times a day.

Soothing infusions and fees

motherwort 1. Leonurus juice. Take the plant and grind it so that it can squeeze out the juice. After that, squeeze the plant through the cheesecloth and collect the juice. The remaining grass, pour 100 ml of water, squeeze again and collect the juice. Drink thirty drops of the drug four times a day, before the seat at the table.

2. Birch infusion. Grind one hundred gram of young birch leaves and pour half a liter of boiled water. Leave to infuse for five hours. Strain and take three times a day for 100 ml of the drug before eating.

3. Preparation of sedative decoction from melissa and mint. Take the leaves of melissa and fill them with half a liter of boiled water. Let it brew for two hours. Strain and eat several sips of broth three times a day. You can add honey and sugar. The same way is prepared, and a decoction of mint.

4. Lime infusion from insomnia. Take two spoons of flowers and pour a glass of boiled water. Leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Take during the day instead of tea, add honey to the broth.

5. From chamomile. You will need several spoons of dried flowers. Pour them a glass of boiled water and let it brew for three hours. Strain and take the glass three times during the day.

Bath with valerian

Take the root of valerian, grind it and put it in an enameled vessel. Then fill the raw material with half a liter of water. Put the container on a slow fire and cook for fifteen minutes.

Put warm water in the tub and add the cooked broth. Lie in this bathroom for about thirty minutes.

Get more rest, take a walk in the fresh air. Do not handle everything immediately. Learn to take off from yourself a "load" of responsibility. Take care of yourself and your nervous system and never disregard the help, neither medical, nor friendly.