The fight against the meteorological dependence of natural medicines

The human body can react to sudden temperature changes and changes in the weather both physically and emotionally. If you notice that a change of weather bad mood comes, irritability, melancholy, mood swings, insomnia, headaches and loss of appetite, then rest assured that it is - or meteonevroz meteodependent somatoform disorders( the scientific name of the disease).

meteorological dependence

In the presence of chronic diseases, meteorological changes will exacerbate those diseases, and most often the weakest place in the body suffers. The reasons for the emergence of symptoms of meteorological dependence can not yet be explained by either physicians or scientists, but one thing is clear: the more diseases a person has, the sooner and better he will feel the changes and weather changes.

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meteodependent - who is at risk

  1. People with low blood pressure suffer when crossing the high pressure lines from quickens the heart rate,because the blood vessels expand.
  2. People with hypertension suffer when crossing the line of low blood pressure, because the vessels narrow.
  3. People with ischemic heart disease, people with neurocircular dystonia, and also vegeto-dystonia react strongly.
  4. People suffering from bronchial diseases and pneumonia.
  5. People with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the people who have diseases of the joints( they are better than before all feeling the approaching change of weather, sometimes even a few days).
  6. Still people with low immunity suffer.
  7. Also, the risk factor can be attributed to people who smoke, eat poorly, consume excessive amounts of salt, are inactive and abuse alcohol.

Tips for weather-dependent to prevent recurrence of

To reduce the impact of bad weather on the body, you can just change your lifestyle a little. And it is necessary to take the following steps.

weather 1. You need to analyze those moments that give you psychological discomfort and just try to avoid them.

2. Need to eat foods that are high in potassium, magnesium( which is buckwheat, Pshenko, oatmeal, beans, peas, soybeans, rose hips, apricots, raisins, dried apricots, eggplant, carrots, lettuce, parsley, onions, nuts).

3. Vegetable fats are advised to replace unrefined vegetable oils: corn, sunflower, olive or linseed.

4. It is necessary to take yourself for the rule of doing exercises, to give a feasible load to your body, literally 15-20 minutes a day, but necessarily every day. You can also alternate sports, change the direction periodically.

5. Naturally, to feel good, you need to give up bad habits harmful to the body - to quit smoking, stop to eat a lot, drink alcoholic beverages, dispense salt intake. vitamin drink

6. It is necessary to reduce the viewing of the TV, especially at bedtime. Electromagnetic radiation emanating from the TV pollute the space around and often exaggerates more than relax, as many consider the time at the TV rest. And if you watch it, then you need to choose programs that are quiet, not noisy, not aggressive.

7. It is necessary to introduce more fruits and vegetables into the diet.

8. You can begin to harden and thereby increase your immunity, which reduces the risk of impact from pressure surges in nature.

9. People with chronic diseases of the bronchi react to meteoperepady, and to reduce the risk of disease, it is necessary to do breathing exercises for the bronchi, often walking in the fresh air( possibly breathe the sea air), as well as to take a decoction of the leaves mother and stepmother, andpine buds.

Meteodependence is not a disease, but the consequences from it can be quite painful and symptomatic almost no different from serious diseases. More precisely, this meteorological dependence can lead the organism to a critical state. If there are chronic diseases, then it is impossible to get rid of it, but it is possible to facilitate the perception of magnetic natural radiations. At least, you can try.

Traditional methods of combating meteonurosis

vegetarian products Heather ordinary. Take 1 full tablespoon of ground grass or flowers instead of the grass and pour half a liter of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, leave to stand in a thermos for 3 hours and strain. The first week to drink a quarter of a glass 2 times a day for the second week to reduce the dose to 1/3 and drink 3 times a day. It is allowed to eat with honey.

After a while, there will be clarity in the head, and the body will stop responding to weather changes, headaches will start to go away. Heather can not be used by people with high acidity in the stomach;
Donnik with increasing pressure. Grass clover 1 tbsp.l.pour 1 cup of cooled boiled water and leave to stand for 4 hours. Then you need to bring the liquid to a boil and remove from heat, drain the broth. The daily dose of 200 ml., It divided into two doses, in the morning and in the evening;

Calendula and a large celandine. You will need calendula flowers and celandine grass. Half a teaspoon celandine mixed with a tablespoon of calendula flowers, then fill the grass in a jar and pour half a liter of vodka. Put the infusion into a dark and cool place, leave for 6 weeks. When the infusion should be filtered from the sediment and poured into a container with dark glass, plug it with a stopper. On unfavorable days in a glass with boiled or scalded water, drip 10 drops of infusion for one reception and drink twice a day;

Infusion from the root of elecampane.1,5 tablespoons dried and crushed root elecampane pour half a liter of vodka and insist a week, strain and take as necessary 1 tsp.three times a day before meals;
Black elderberry juice. Squeezed juice from elderberry and poured into bottles or jars, sterilized for 30 minutes, then bottles are placed in a cold place. Take before the onset of magnetic storms, drink a teaspoon 4 or 5 times a day;

Tincture from Indian onion. The leaves of onions are cut, stacked in a jar and poured with vodka in the proportion of 1 to 20. To insist from 1.5 to 2 weeks, eventually a certain viscous liquid should turn out.1-2 drops of viscous infusion diluted in a glass of boiled water and drink. Drinking undiluted is dangerous! Indian onion is poisonous;

Mint leaves in milk. In 200 ml.1 teaspoon hot, let it brew for 5 minutes.and pull out the leaves, and still leave the milk for 30 minutes and then just drain it. You can drink it. After drinking milk, it is necessary to simultaneously dip oil drops into the nose( 2-3 cloves of purified garlic and a third of a small onion to grind and pour a small amount of heated lean oil);

Rosehip, brewed in a thermos with the addition of honey will help from meteorological dependence;
Valerian, rosemary and hops, brewed or infused with alcohol, will help with insomnia and severe irritation;

Nontraditional methods

You can spend yourself an aromatic soothing therapy with essential oils( lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus, lemon oil or rosemary will be the best).

A coniferous bath with the addition of pine needles will help. How to cook it is written on the package, the duration of one bath from 10 to 15 minutes, the course of treatment from 12 to 15 procedures, the water temperature should be 35-37 degrees;
You can make tea with lemon and cranberries or just brew green tea with a pinch of motherwort and mint.

These simple recipes from natural ingredients can help as well as medications. Do not immediately grab for pills for headaches and deterioration of the body in meteorological dependence, you just need to look into the "natural" first aid kit.