Operation Bikini: 1 week

1: Difference in body composition

The body of an average unsporting male weighing 70 kilograms consists of 30 kilograms of muscle, 10 kilograms of bone and 10 kilograms of fat( about 14 percent of the total weight)( 3).The body of an average woman weighing 57 kilograms consists of 20 kg of muscles, 7 kg of bones and 15 kg of fat( about 26% of the total body weight).

If the healthy ratio of fat mass to total body weight for men is 12-20%, then for girls the healthy ratio is in the border of 20-30%( 1).Achieving the level of 10% body fat for women is equivalent to the state of starvation.

2: Fat metabolism

The presence of a higher amount of fat in the female body is due to the preparation of the body for a potential pregnancy. In this case, according to one theory, fat in the thigh area is the main way of accumulating nutrients for the unborn child( 3).

Given the strategic importance of fat, the female body reluctantly spends such an important substance in training, preferring to work on glucose. The strategy to increase the involvement of fat in the metabolism is built on the reduction in the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.

3: Daily energy needs of

Usually, women need significantly fewer calories to ensure normal metabolism. In contrast to the muscles that spend calories even during sleep, fat is a "passive" tissue that does not require any energy to maintain.

One of the most effective ways to increase the body's caloric requirements is to increase muscle mass. At the same time, it is important for the girl to overcome the psychological barrier and forget about fear to turn into a pumped-up monster.

4: Fat burning strategy

Despite the fact that at the physiological level, the male and female fat are absolutely identical, due to hormonal causes, the male body tends to store fat on the internal organs( remember the bulging stomach), and the woman's body is directly under the skin( 4).

FitSeven mentioned in the series of materials "How to remove the stomach", that the best strategy to combat body fat is cardio. At the same time, anaerobic training is better for fighting subcutaneous fat - strength exercises and high-intensity HIIT-training.

5: Elastic body through a set of muscles

The increase in muscle mass, even by a few kilograms, has many advantages for the female body. First, the body's need for calories to maintain metabolism increases;Secondly, the hormonal background is normalized.

Thirdly, in the process of strength training the body learns to effectively use both glucose and free fatty acids, optimizing fat burning. In addition, the achievement of an elastic and tight body is possible only through training the muscles.

6: Exposure to stresses

The female body is more susceptible to the stress hormone cortisol. A high level of cortisol reduces the body's use of fat stores, causes a feeling of constant fatigue, and also increases appetite. All this leads to a set of excess weight.

Yoga and Pilates classes, teaching the art of controlling one's emotions and suppressing irritation is the most important step that helps a girl to create a fit and athletic figure. Another important plus of this training is the creation of a correct posture.

7: Body resistance to diets

If the body of a man reacts positively to diets with a large reduction in calories and even periodic starvation( one of the pluses is the increasing level of testosterone), the female body in response to similar techniques dramatically increases the levels of leptin and cortisol.

Despite the fact that diets are traditionally considered a "female theme", this is one of the main misconceptions of the modern understanding of fitness. In reality, to reduce weight, girls are recommended to observe the daily rate of calories, and not sharply lower it.


An effective strategy of losing weight and creating an elastic and taut body for a girl consists in a reasonable combination of strength training and aerobic training, limiting carbohydrates in the diet, as well as observing the daily calorie rate, not cutting it.

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