Crossfit for beginners

What is CrossFit?

Training CrossFit is one of the most popular training systems based on the principles of circular training with the use of so-called functional exercises - that is, as close to the movements of a person in everyday life.

From the physiological point of view, the plus of CrossFit training is the combination of high-intensity cardio with strength exercises( which are in many respects variations in basic exercises), which is useful both for strengthening the relief of the muscles, and for increasing the elasticity and overall tightening of the muscles.

An introductory course of strength training for beginners - all about how to pump up muscles and create the perfect sports body.

History CrossFit

This training methodology appeared in the early 1990s in the US and was used by the special forces' personnel( primarily firefighters and the navy).CrossFit gained wide popularity around 2012, after the start of global cooperation with Reebok.

At the moment minimal cross-training halls CrossFit exist in all countries of the world and in most large and medium-sized cities of Russia. Note that any room that uses the name "CrossFit" is required to pay royalties, since it is a registered trademark.

CrossFit for Beginners

It is important to note that CrossFit is designed for people with a good level of physical training, because such exercises combine activities such as interval running, rowing, jumping rope, rope climbing, and various weight training options with weight andwithout him.

Beginners who have zero level of training( that is, unable to pull up and unable to run 500 meters in a sprint mode) are recommended preliminary training with a coach in a regular gym. In this case, the transition to CrossFit will be faster and safer.

How are the workouts in CrossFit built?

Training CrossFit begins with a warming cardio and warm-up, followed by the main block of exercises performed in a circular mode( i.e., one by one with a minimum rest time, and then the cycle repeats).In the end, usually high-intensity cardio is performed.

Each workout( Workout of the Day or WOD) has a specific name. In CrossFit, there are several hundred similar WOD trainings, so that the exercise plan itself is almost never repeated from day to day. This allows each time to create for the body an "unusual" load.

CrossFit: Advantages and disadvantages of

The main advantage of training this training system is the comprehensive development of the body - improving both the power characteristics, and the response rates and overall endurance. Beginners engaged in CrossFit, literally with each training feel more athletic.

The main disadvantage of CrossFit is the increased risk of injury for beginners, who do not want to spend time on detailed study of the technique of performing exercises, but only aspiring to show the best results possible, performing exercises faster than all and with the heaviest weight.

The worst exercises on the press. Why are twisting, raising the legs in the vise and the bar only harming the development of the abdominal muscles and provoking pain in the back?

CrossFit: a program for beginners

Note that the training program proposed below, although close to a typical WOD, but still not a CrossFit program in the full sense of the word. It can be performed in an ordinary gym and is designed for beginners who want to try themselves in CrossFit.

Training A( Monday):

  • Warm up : interval running - 5 minutes;exercises for warm-up of joints;10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups with body weight( exercises are performed without interruption) - 5 minutes.
  • Power section of : in 15 minutes it is necessary to perform as many cycles of the following exercises as possible: jumping on a box of 60 cm in height, pulling up a wide grip, pushing away from the floor, standing bar press, lifting the legs in the vise. In each exercise 10-15 repetitions, a break between the approaches and exercises is minimal.
  • Hitching : slow running, stretching, breathing exercises - 5 minutes.

Workout B( Wednesday):

  • Warm up : attacks from dumbbells - 15 repetitions on each leg, press bar - 3 approaches, lifting legs in the vise - 3 sets with the maximum number of repeated ones.
  • The main part of : in 15 minutes to execute as many cycles as possible - 1 km of running with the maximum speed, deadlift superset with standing press - 15 repetitions with light weight, rowing in the simulator - 2 km.
  • Hitching : stretching, breathing exercises - 5 minutes.

Training From( Friday) :

  • Workout : interval running - 5 minutes;exercises for warm-up of joints;10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups with body weight - 5 minutes.
  • Power section of : in 15 minutes perform as many cycles as possible - 30 jumps on a rope, 10 sit-ups with a light bar, 10 lifts of legs in a vise, 15 hyperextensions.
  • Hitching : slow running, stretching, breathing exercises - 5 minutes.


The best way to create a fit and athletic figure is to combine strength exercises with high-intensity cardio. The CrossFit training system is one of the most popular systems of such exercises, performed in a circular mode.