Press the dice: instruction

The best way to pump up a press

The inflated press is built on three elements: the genetic features of the structure of muscles( from the location of the cubes of the press to the specifics of the internal muscles of the abdomen), a diet to reduce subcutaneous fat and, in fact, performing exercises for abdominal muscles.

In this case, the exercises themselves on the press are not able to create a relief and make the stomach tight - you can pump the cubes, but they will be hidden by a layer of fat. For the elaboration of relief, a diet is important, and for a tight stomach - performing static exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body.

How to quickly remove subcutaneous fat from the abdomen - the strategy of fat burning workouts and recommendations for nutrition.

Diet for the relief abdomen

Aspiring to the relief press, most people overestimate the importance of running and other cardio while simultaneously underestimating the importance of nutrition. Remember that those 300-500 kcal, which you lose in 30 minutes of cardio, will be easily replenished with a rather small portion of food.

The most important step in creating a sports figure is the rejection of sweet and other carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Their main problem is that they break the metabolism and provoke a chronic feeling of hunger - as a result, a person simply begins to overeat.

How to inflate a press: instruction

  1. Reduce the fatty layer of . The body fat level for painting cubes on the abdomen is always individual - in some people it is 9%, and for someone, the press is visible and at 15% fat. Depending on this, the weight loss strategy also differs. In the fight against the collapsing stomach, the main role is played by the diet, and in the increase of the relief - fat-burning exercises.
  2. Correct and improve posture. Sedentary lifestyle provokes changes in posture, as a result of which the angle of the pelvis increases, the muscles of the press relax, and the weight of the body is transferred to the lower back. The result is stretched abdominal muscles and low back pain. Static exercises and yoga will help to correct such violations of posture.
  3. Strengthen the musculature of the body. Mistakenly perceive the press solely as a rectus abdominis muscle. In addition, there are internal abdominal muscles, oblique and transverse abdominal muscles, muscles of the diaphragm, lumbar muscles and so on. It is impossible to form a proportional sports figure without developing the whole musculature of the body.
  4. Develop the internal muscles of the press. Most exercise on the press develops the outer layer of the abdominal muscles, practically not including the internal muscles of the press. However, it is these muscles that form the tightened abdomen. The best exercises for their development are the elbow stand( "bar") and the breathing exercise "vacuum in the abdomen."
  5. Swing the press correctly. For the development of abdominal muscles, hypertrophy training is required-exercise in a multi-repeat mode( for example, 50 twists) will not bring you the desired result. Perform 2-3 exercises on the press twice a week, each exercise in 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps per set. Preferred exercises with additional weight.
  6. Feel the connection between the muscles and the brain. You need to learn how to control the abdominal muscles to use them when doing press exercises. In simple terms, if you can keep the press deliberately tense during twisting, this will greatly improve the efficiency of the exercise.

The result of the daily exercise "Vacuum in the stomach" for several months.

The importance of static exercises

FitSeven wrote that muscle fibers are divided into two types - fast and slow. The muscles of the body and the press are of a slow type, since their main task is to maintain the posture and to provide intra-abdominal pressure, rather than weight lifting( as in the case of the biceps).

That's why the most important exercises for the press are static exercises, in which it is necessary to maintain tense abdominal muscles without movement for as long as possible. Just a month of doing the bar 3-4 times a week, you can significantly strengthen the muscles of the body.

The best exercises on the press

The results of the studies suggest that the most effective dynamic exercises for working out the abdominal muscles are leg lifts in the vise and the exercise "Bike".When properly performed, twice as many muscle fibers are involved in the operation as compared to twisting.

Once again we remind you that the technique of performing exercises and the conscious sense of the muscles of the press is more important than what kind of exercise you choose. Technically correct twists will be much more effective than lifting the legs in the vise, performed with the jerking of the legs and bending the entire body.


Press training begins with getting rid of excess fat with diet and cardio. Then follows the strengthening of the muscular frame of the body and the development of the internal muscles of the abdomen with the help of static exercises, and only at the end - the performance of dynamic exercises for pumping the cubes themselves.