How to look more athletic?

1: Grow a Beard

One of the main trends of the last few years is the preservation of unshaven or even the release of a beard. As among the popular Hollywood actors, and among ordinary men around the planet, there are fewer and fewer of those who are clean-shaven.

It is also important that a 20-year-old guy's beard will help look more grown up, and a 35-year-old man - younger. In any case, bristles or beards will emphasize masculinity and individuality. And, of course, will make you sexier.

2: Choose the right clothing

When choosing a shirt or T-shirt, remember that although the fitted models make the figure more sporty, too tight clothing often gives the opposite result. It is important to achieve the effect that clothing as if hiding an ideal body.

If you want to visually increase your arms, choose long-sleeved T-shirts around the middle of the bicep. The width of the sleeve at the same time should be such that the fabric at its edge tightly fitted his arm. However, avoid sleeveless t-shirts - they are rarely appropriate outside the beach.

3: Focus on the pluses of the

figure. Having correctly positioned the accents on the pluses of your figure, you minimize its minuses. If, for example, you have developed pectoral muscles, but a small tummy - wear loose T-shirts and V-neck sweaters that emphasize one, while hiding the other.

If you have a wide basin and powerful legs, but are relatively narrow shoulders - wear shorts or tight jeans of dark tones, combining them with a light T-shirt with a V-neck. Such a choice of clothes will shift the visual accents, significantly changing the perception of the figure.

4: Keep an eye on the skin condition of the

Since sports are most often associated with health, a sports person is associated with a person who looks healthy and cheerful. If you are unhappy and sleepy with huge bags under your eyes, you definitely will look less athletic.

Maintain the condition of the face in good condition, use special eye care products, regularly sunbathe in the sun or visit the solarium. And, importantly, try to smile more and sincerely enjoy life.

A set of home exercises for improving posture and straightening of the spine. All about how to strengthen the muscles of the lower back.

5: Maintain a correct posture.

. As unduly hunched from the constant sitting position, the emphatically "muscular" posture, reminiscent of the Neanderthal man( a bulging chest, overstretched shoulders and tense arms) makes a person look less advantageous.

Remember that sport posture equals natural posture. If you can not keep your abdomen flat, it means only that you have to train it - but do not pull it out of the way, trying to imitate this most athletic posture.

6: Wear a special shoe

Flattening is one of the most common disorders of skeletal motor skills - they suffer about one in five people in developed countries. If you are affected by this problem, you will have to treat the choice of shoes with great attention.

Avoid flat-soled shoes, because its constant wearing with flat feet leads to a turn of the feet, making the walk somewhat "ducks" and ridiculous. This, without a doubt, significantly reduces the overall perception of a person as a sports person.

7: Set an adequate training goal for

The main secret of a sports body is that in life, the muscles do not look huge at all, but rather the proportionality of the figure's development. Large biceps against the backdrop of small calves look strange, because ideally their girth should be the same.

Train not just a set of muscle mass, train to create a symmetrical body. Increase not the volume of the musculature, but its strength and endurance. This will make you sporty in the eyes of people, not to mention that you yourself will start to feel differently.


Sport figure is not just big muscles, clad in the most open and tight clothes. A sports figure is the ability to keep yourself confident, the ability to emphasize the advantages of your body, thus hiding natural minuses.