How to lose weight endomorph?

Endomorph: characteristics of

Endomorph is one of the three key types of the human body. The figure of typical endomorphs is characterized by a massive bone structure, wide waist and excess fat. The metabolism of such people is slow, the craving for physical activity and power indicators are low.

The body of the endomorph is spherical or pear-shaped, as their pelvis is wider than the shoulders, and fat is mainly deposited on the abdomen and on the hips. In addition, endomorphs-women often have soft skin, blond hair, a pink complexion and large teeth.

What is the difference between simple carbohydrates from complex and why carbohydrates with a high glycemic index lead to a set of excess weight?

Endomorph female

Endomorphic body type is extremely common among women. Despite all its advantages( good resistance to stress and illness, easy pregnancy), there is an increased tendency to quickly set excess weight - first of all, because of the love of food.

It is food that becomes one of the main ways to encourage and improve mood for endomorph women. At the same time, they give preference to sweet and high-calorie food - chocolate, baked goods, desserts, ice cream. Unfortunately, this kind of food causes a quick weight gain.

Diet for weight loss

The problem of loving sweetness is only partially in its high caloric value - a spoonful of sugar contains about 15 kcal, which is not so much. However, after digesting simple carbohydrates, the blood glucose level first rises sharply, then drops sharply, giving rise to a "false" feeling of hunger.

Trying to lose weight, endomorphous women often sit on a diet, paying attention only to the overall caloric content of the product( and to a lower fat content), and not at all how much sugar such a "dietary" product contains. The result is a constant feeling of hunger and weight gain.

Diet pills

Another mistake is the belief that taking diet pills and various fat burners is capable of making the body lose weight without any effort. But everything is not so simple - getting rid of fat with pills very, very often leads to sad consequences.

Because of the love of endomorphs to sweet and fat, typical weak points of their health are a violation of glucose metabolism, an increased risk of developing diabetes, "bad" cholesterol in the blood and high blood pressure. In many cases, fat burners are simply contraindicated.

Proper nutrition for endomorphs of

A successful dietary strategy for endomorphous women is the constant maintenance of a moderate diet consisting of the maximum failure of baking, sweet and other fast carbohydrates, increasing the number of vegetables and fiber in the diet, as well as minimizing animal fats.

Also useful for metabolism will bring periodic discharge days and interval fasting( in the absence of contraindications).This will not only improve glucose metabolism and reduce cravings for sweets, but will also teach the body to use naturally reserve reserves and fat deposits. Does genetics really affect how much body fat accumulates? Why do people get fat?

Training for endomorph females

Usually, women-endomorphs are difficult to give physical training to burn fat( for example, running or aerobics).The key problem is that the slow metabolism and limited ability of the body to store energy simply does not allow them to train effectively.

However, it is more effective to stop "raping" your body with hateful training in trying to burn excess calories, and deal with the cause of the overabundance of these calories. If the cause is to muffle negative emotions with the help of sweet one, then one of the best solutions will be yoga.

Yoga for burning fat

Despite the fact that yoga exercises burn very few calories, they can significantly increase the level of satisfaction with life. Regular yoga quickly improves well-being, and meditation helps to love your true self, and not to follow the adorned advertising standards of beauty.

In addition, yoga classes are important for women aged 40-45 years - with the onset of a decrease in the level of hormones, the elasticity of muscles begins to decrease. Slow and accurate stretch marks will be the best way to maintain youth and healthy flexibility throughout the body.


The endomorphic type of female physique is one of the most common. Its typical characteristic is a quick set of excess weight, the best way to combat it is not just to follow a strict diet, but proper nutrition and regular yoga.