Wrinkle cream for men

Rejuvenating face cream

It is known that the male skin ages slower than the female skin. However, in the period of 35-50 years, the type of facial skin is gradually changing - the production of skin fat decreases and the skin becomes thinner and drier. With improper care( or lack of proper care), deep wrinkles begin to form.

Noticing that the face has aged, many men come to the idea of ​​using a cream from wrinkles in an attempt to regain youth. But even the most expensive anti-aging cream is not able to turn back time - to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, creams need to start to use in 25-30 years.

Why do men begin to grow their stomach after 30 years and muscle mass decreases? Metabolism after thirty.

How to choose a man's cream?

Most often, the texture of an anti-aging cream reflects its benefit - the thicker the cream, the more active ingredients in it and the better it fights against aging. However, low-quality dense wrinkle creams are often felt on the face, making the skin sticky, oily and shiny.

The role is played by the fact that most of these tools for women are designed for extremely dry and thin skin - for men with oily or usual skin they simply will not work. That is why it is important to use light creams, gels, designed specifically for men's skin.

Male anti-wrinkle cream

The success of the anti-wrinkle cream can be judged only after a full cycle of skin renewal, which takes approximately 30 days at the age of 45 years and 2-3 months after this age. Only after the expiry of this period can you unequivocally tell if the cream is suitable for you.

It is important to first test the cream in the form of a probe( you should like the smell and sensation of the cream on the skin), and then use it continuously for at least a month. At night, it is better to apply a more dense cream against wrinkles, and in the afternoon use a light gel or cream with sun protection.

How to apply the cream?

Massage lines for applying face cream

Correct use of wrinkle cream provides up to 50% success. The cream should be applied to the skin, previously cleaned with the help of special means, and the application itself is better performed on special massage lines, which will ensure more effective absorption.

First, rub a small amount of cream from the middle of the forehead to the temples, then apply it to the area under the eyes( in the direction from the temples to the nose) and under the eyebrows( from nose to temples).After - from the chin on the lower jaw to the ears. At the end, smooth the skin from the wings of the nose to the temples, then from the corners of the mouth to the ear.

Rating of the best men's face creams

The Body Shop Drops of Youth

5. The Body Shop Drops of Youth .The advantages of daily moisturizing cream from this line is its light texture, suitable for oily skin, and extremely attractive price( 1590 rubles).The second line, the concentrate of whey, containing stem cells of plants( 2,090 rubles), actively struggles with wrinkles, restores the skin elasticity and stimulates the processes of its renewal.

Payot Homme Soin Total Anti-Âge

4. Payot Homme Soin Total Anti-Âge. Male anti-aging cream-fluid Payot Homme( price about 2500 rubles), smooths facial wrinkles and strengthens the skin. It has an extremely pleasant signature Payot flavor and is quickly absorbed without leaving traces. Separately note the convenience of the dispenser-pump - thanks to it you do not need to climb your fingers into the jar, and the cream itself is less exposed to air.

Biotherm Age Fitness Night Recharge

3. Biotherm Age Fitness Night Recharge. Thanks to the powerful antioxidants, Biotherm Age Fitness night cream( price around 3600 rubles) successfully fights against wrinkles and age-related skin changes. The morning after its application, the skin gets a fresh look, becoming more smooth. Unlike many nutritional men's creams, it does not leave a sticky sensation.

Shiseido Man Total Revitalizer

2. Shiseido Man Total Revitalizer. Male Shiseido cream to fight wrinkles( price around 4000 rubles) restores dull and tired skin, giving it a healthier and younger look. With regular application, smooths fine lines and fine wrinkles, significantly brightening the skin. Protects against external influences, ideally suited for cold winter wind, overdrying the face.

Dior Homme Dermo System

1. Dior Homme Dermo System . Rejuvenating serum from Dior Homme( price around 6000 rubles) not only instantly gives the skin of the face opacity and increases its elasticity, but also stimulates the processes of cell regeneration. The cream for the eye area from the same series( about 3000 rubles) fights against dark circles and swelling, while also significantly reducing wrinkles in the corners of the eyes.


To preserve the youthfulness of the man's face skin, it is necessary to start using moisturizing creams from 25-27 years, and after 30-35 to gradually switch to anti-aging products. It is important to apply the cream on special massage lines, which will ensure its more effective absorption.