Crossfit for women

Female fitness

The global fitness trend is the increase in the proportion of women. To date, girls make up about 60% of the members of most fitness clubs. At the same time, if men prefer single strength training, girls usually like group classes and cardio.

FitSeven continues a series of publications for the beautiful half of humanity on cross-functional training, based on the principle of circular training. Read the interview with our expert, as well as ask questions in the comments.

Expert FitSeven

Julia Okhinkovskaya is a certified CrossFit trainer, active athlete, gold and silver medalist of numerous federal and regional championships and tournaments in all-around, weightlifting and cross-fencing. Coach for boxing and cross-club of YourRevolution1905.

// Julia, do you agree with the opinion that men are more suited for weight training, and girls should only deal with aerobics and other cardio?

At the root does not agree! Men and women equally need strength training. Such trainings are not only aimed at strengthening and growth of muscles, but also affect the processes of fat burning. People with developed muscles metabolism processes are faster.

Aerobic load( cardio), in turn, promotes the burning of subcutaneous fat, trains the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, develops endurance. In this case, the best and long-term effect is achieved by combining strength training, cardio and proper nutrition.

// But many will say that strength training is not a woman's occupation at all?

Strength exercises in women predominantly affect the reduction in the percentage of fatty tissue and, to a lesser extent, the increase in muscle mass. It is very difficult to piss a girl - it is necessary to exert a lot of effort to become like a man and lose his femininity.

I believe that for girls the choice of crossfit in the form of fitness to maintain themselves in excellent physical form is optimal. Combinations of strength training and cardio-loads of high activity will give exactly the results that most girls aspire to.

// And what is crossfit?

CrossFit is a high-intensity circular training combining power and cardio training and incorporating various functional exercises. Functional are called exercises that maximally copy the mechanics of a person's movement in everyday life.

This sport develops cardiovascular system and cardiovascular performance, endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy - ten universally recognized physical qualities. And, of course, brings the body into an excellent shape!

// What are its advantages for women?

First, a crossfit is a group activity. The girl will not look like a black sheep among a bunch of strange simulators, she will be in a group of like-minded people. Plus, it will give a competitive and motivational effect - each time you need to overcome yourself and reach for the strongest.

Secondly, the classes respond to cross-phytomies with a powerful hormonal response. Produced as hormones of happiness endorphins( they increase the mood and save from eating another chocolate), and various fat burning hormones.

// Do you take into account the peculiarities of the female cycle during training?

Certainly, the female body is more capricious than the male. From the menstrual cycle depends both mood and appetite, and overall endurance. At the beginning of the cycle, the working weights are reduced by 20-30%, the maximum and static stresses are limited, the press is trained sparingly.

In any case, every woman should listen to her body and control the load herself( informing the trainer if necessary).Only she knows "what" and "how" can influence her well-being, especially in such an important period.

// FitSeven has repeatedly written that crossfit is a potentially traumatic sport. What does your practice say about this?

Any kind of sport is traumatic if you approach the matter with a "hot head" and strive for quick results. It is important not only to devote sufficient time to learning the movements and working out the technique, but also to conduct self-control and listen carefully to the recommendations of the coach.

In YourRevolution1905, firstly, we give sufficient time for warm-up and stretching, and secondly, at each training we carefully repeat the technique of the main task movements. Otherwise, such an active sport as a crossfit can really do much harm.

// Tell us about your club, what are its key advantages?
YourRevolution1905 is a specialized boxing and crossfit club. Due to the small size of the groups( no more than 10 people), we devote a really individual approach to each of our clients and the purposes of his training. We know who makes what mistakes, and correct them.

Our trainers and clients believe in the "revolution of body, spirit and mind" approach. We all communicate outside the walls of the hall, and we also try to regularly participate in all sorts of outdoor activities - this motivates everyone, especially beginners.


Expert FitSeven, Julia Okhinkovskaya, believes that it is important for girls, like men, to engage in power training, since it is force training that forms a sporty and fit body. Crossfit is an interesting option for motivating group training.