Beginner's guide: 3 week

How many times a week does it take to train?

The desire to achieve results( and muscle growth) as often as possible often pushes novices to increase the number of strength training to five or more per week. It seems to them that training three times a week is very little, and a few more are needed for the "point" development of lagging muscles.

However, the body of a professional athlete is required from 36 to 48 hours for muscle fiber recovery after strength training, and new ectomorphs need even more time - up to 72 hours. More frequent training will lead to loss of muscle mass, rather than to its growth.

The four most important rules of strength training for muscle growth. What is hypertrophy of muscle fibers?

Do we need isolation exercises?

Our body is a single system in which not only muscles work together, but also all metabolism. The abundance of simulators in modern fitness centers makes you think that each muscle needs to be pumped through a complex isolation exercise, invented just for her.

But it's not. Only in theory, the biceps can work in isolation - in practice, when lifting the bar on the biceps triceps, deltas and even the muscles of the upper back work. Similarly, the muscles of the hands are involved in all the basic exercises - beginners of this level of involvement is quite enough.


Excessive number of isolating exercises( lifts on the biceps, block information on the chest, dilution of dumbbells in the sides, and so on) will cause only the loss of muscle mass in new ectomorphs. Their body does not physically have energy reserves and will have no other choice.

In this case, excessive interest in basic exercises is even more dangerous - lack of time to restore muscles provokes lethargy, a chronic feeling of fatigue and loss of appetite. The lack of food, in turn, will only exacerbate the situation and give even more fatigue.

Strength training and acceleration of metabolism

It is important to remember that strength training significantly speeds up metabolism. However, ectomorphs already have a fast metabolism, burning calories without a trace. That's why they need not only increased nutrition, but also the minimization of any additional activities outside the gym.

Swimming, running or football are no different from strength training, because they require a load of muscles, increased energy needs and time to recover. If your goal is to build muscle, you need no more than 3 sports a week.

Training program: Week 3

The main difference of this week's training will be the increase in working weight and the reduction in the number of repetitions of exercises - it is necessary to use a bar weight that allows you to perform no more than 10 repetitions in the first approach and no more than 8 at the last( when you are a little tired).

  • Pull-ups - 3 x 10
  • Sit-ups with a bar - 3 x 8-10
  • Stand-up bar press - 3 x 8-10
  • Deadlift - 3 x 8-10
  • Rod pull to the belt - 3 x 8-10
  • Bench press bar- 3 x 8-10

Self-test after training

You need to complete the power training with the feeling that you still have strength. If at the end of the session everything swims before your eyes, you hardly get to the locker room and you need time to come to your senses - you are definitely on the dangerous path to overtraining.

A similar test is useful and between the exercises - it is important to rest as much as you need exactly your body. Remember that 30-60 seconds is the necessary minimum, but you can easily increase the rest interval to 1.5-2 minutes if you have a dizzy head and your heart beats violently.

Diet for Muscle Growth: Week 3

In the material of last week the menu for growth of muscles on 2500 kcal is resulted - continue to accustom the organism to four-meals a day. However, pay attention to digestion. If you observe abdominal swelling and pain, it can become a signal of food allergy.

It is necessary not just to overeat, but to give the body a full assimilation of food - the heaviness in the stomach after 2 hours after eating says that the digestion process is broken. Try to find a "problem ingredient"( for example, milk or gluten) and try to exclude it from the diet.


Daily strength training on simulators is a mistake. Training for muscle growth in beginners-ectomorphs should consist of exercises with a barbell or other free weight and carried out 2-3 times a week. The second component of success - a sufficient number of calories in the diet.