Eva Green

Eva Gaëlle Green

  • Date of birth: July 5, 1980
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 59 kg
  • Body proportions: 80-60-77
  • The most famous films: Casino Royale, Kingdom of Heaven, Scary Tales, "Dreamers", "Cracks".

1: Diet and nutrition

Eva confesses in an interview that she is not counting calories, but simply eating small portions, trying to control feelings of hunger and satiety: "You do not need to give up tasty food, you just need to understand when your body no longer needs calories"(1).

On the other hand, this rule does not negate the basic principles of healthy eating: "If you open my fridge, you will find there only vegetables, fruits, fresh chicken and fish. I try to eat as correctly and "bio" as possible "(2).

2: Better start to the day

Despite the fact that the actress was born in Paris, she refuses traditional croissants for breakfast: "I always start my day with a glass of warm water with a lemon - I'm sure that in this way I give my body cleansing and moisturizing at the same time".

"Every morning I do fitness with my personal trainer, Tim Jones. Normal training lasts about an hour and is based on combining strength exercises and cardio, but the program changes if it requires preparation for the film "(2).

3: Sport and fitness

For the filming of the painting '' 300 Spartans: Emperor Blossoming '', the actress had to learn how to handle the sword: "I've always practiced fitness, but filming in this film required me not only to seriously exercise the muscles of the body, but alsolearning martial arts. "

"When I started training with the sword, it was a test for me. However, after a few weeks the body became accustomed, and I began to understand that I can not without such activity. It's like a drug. As a result, my coach added boxing elements to my daily training "(3).

4: Stress Management

"When I feel emotional stress and understand that I am on the verge of stress, I take a hot bath with aromatic salt. It helps. I also love Tibetan massage, especially massage around the abdomen - it gives me a sense of ease. "

"When I see that I can no longer tolerate the situation calmly and I need to escape, I always leave for Paris. There, in my parents' apartment, I feel like a child. It calms me down and recharges me with new emotions and forces to fight "(2).

5: The secret of beauty

"The main secret of my beauty is naturalness. If I'm not in makeup for filming, I look as simple as possible "(4).With this statement is difficult not to agree, because healthy skin is much more sexy than a layer of foundation with the effect of sunburn.

As befits a true Frenchwoman, Eva has a natural sense of style: "The perfect choice is a lack of make-up, a simple T-shirt or a light sweatshirt, comfortable jeans and comfortable shoes. Well, and of course, some small touch to create a touch of glamor "(4).

6: Skin Care

"I have very sensitive skin and for me the quality of the cosmetic products I use is extremely important. In order to give the skin the moisture it needs, I prefer L'Or De Vie Crème Riche from Dior, and for purification - Dermalogica. "

"Despite the fact that I like to feel the warmth of the sun's rays on my skin, I have to use a strong sunscreen beforehand, otherwise I will quickly get a burn. Now I use Avène SPF50 and I am completely satisfied with my choice "(1).

7: Little weaknesses of

"My first weakness is the traditional British pudding with a huge amount of custard. I think that the best puddings in London, where I now live, are made in the restaurant St John. But, in principle, I'm pretty indifferent to the sweet, and I can easily do without it. "

"My second weakness is the spa at the New York Hotel Mandarin Oriental. If I arrive in New York and I have free time, I always visit this salon to make facials - massage and wellness procedures for the face. This is something that can not be described in words "(1).


The main secret of the beauty of Eva Green is naturalness. As an actress admits in an interview, the image of "femme fatale", created by her in films, is far from reality. At the same time, like all Frenchmen, Eve does not deny herself little pleasures - for example, in delicious food.

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