Body weight - what kind of body is it?

Body weight - what kind of body is it? Many are concerned about the problem of calculating the "normal" body weight for themselves, let's try to figure out what's what.

Body weight is one of the indicators of a person's physical condition: excess or lack of weight can indicate various diseases. Body weight consists of a skeleton, internal organs, muscles, skin, nervous tissue, various fluids, and the contents of your stomach.

Body mass is very and very changeable throughout the day. During food and drink everything increases, when you visit the toilet - decreases, so there are certain rules for weighing. For more accurate indicators it is recommended to weigh at the same time in the morning, on an empty stomach, with a minimum of clothing on the body. If you have electronic scales with an accurate indicator, you will notice that the weight depends on how tight your yesterday's meal was. Therefore, for the analysis and averaging of the result, this procedure should be carried out for a minimum of a week.

So, the task is completed
and your real weight is determined. And now, I would like to know what is the difference between real and ideal weight. These concepts are often confused, so first you need to figure out what the weights are in general.

Normal and ideal weight is often confused. Therefore, in the beginning, we need to understand what weights are and what they mean.

Real weight is the average value that is detected during the weighing cycle of a person.

Fatless weight - a value equal to the difference between the actual body weight and the weight of its fat. This value is considered more theoretical, because the body is not able to exist without a certain amount of fat tissue. But there are cases when exhaustion goes so far that the weight mark drops even below the fat-free level. An example is women who suffer from anorexia, which lose not only fat, but also other soft tissues. First of all - the muscles.

The minimum weight of is a mark, below which it is strictly not recommended to lower, as this is fraught with problems with health. The norm of the fat content for women is 17-24%, for men - 14-17%.It is easy for women to identify a violation of the lower boundary, since after this limit they have amenorrhea( cessation of menstruation).

The ideal weight of is the weight at which the ideal ratio of all physical parameters is observed, optimal functioning of the organism and the longest lifespan. Ideal weight can only be for those who adhere to an exceptionally healthy lifestyle.

But if a person is at an ideal weight, this does not mean that there is an ideal figure. Moreover, the ideas about the ideal for all are different and fall under the influence of different cultures, time, fashion, tastes.

The normal weight of the is the amount observed in most people who are considered healthy. But since a huge number of people are far from a healthy lifestyle, most of the normal weight exceeds the ideal. On average, for women, the ideal body weight is 85% of normal, and for men - 90%.