How many exams must be taken in grade 9 in 2018: the latest news

Many students and parents are interested in how many exams will have to be taken in the 9th grade in the upcoming 2018 year. After all, there are rumors of a change in the number of objects handed over and the introduction of new requirements. In the past year, pupils of the ninth grade took four disciplines, by 2020, this number will increase to six, according to some sources. The topic of interest to many will be discussed in detail in this article.

What is GIA

GIA is an exam that awaits absolutely all schoolchildren at the end of the 9th grade. Another name is OGE( deciphered - the main state examination).The abbreviation GIA indicates the state final certification. It is an analogue of the Unified State Exam( EGE), which happens at the end of the eleventh grade.

GIA( sometimes near the abbreviation there is a figure of 9, which means that the exam is given in the 9th grade) are handed over by Russian schoolchildren. The only exception is the peninsula Crimea. There may be laws about the surrender of the GIA.

The Ministry of Education has long developed a plan for transforming the GIA.But to introduce them will be gradual, so as not to cause excitement among schoolchildren and their parents. It is known that the two main subjects will remain unchanged. There is also information that three additional subjects will be introduced for the student's choice. But this is still at the stage of discussion.

Also, it is planned to approbate the oral part of the exam in the Russian language in 9mcl. Thus, it is planned to check the literacy of the examiner's speech.

The novelty is that the results of the GIA will affect the marks that are put on the education document.

In what subjects will the exams be held

Now discussions are under way, how many exams will have to be taken in grade 9 in 2018.One thing is absolutely known. The basic disciplines remain unchanged. These are 2 important subjects: Russian language and mathematics, written exams, which carry the character of tests.

There is a possibility that a third mandatory test will be introduced. But what exactly, this is being debated. Perhaps it will be English. This innovation is explained by the fact that there are too many contacts with representatives of English-speaking countries. This is both production contacts and personal communication in social networks. In addition, many now travel the world, it became available and easy. And the international language, which many speak, is English. On it are written many instructions of Western goods.

But this is not yet certain. There is a suggestion that physics will become a mandatory third subject. It helps to understand many laws of nature, as well as understand the structure of modern technology. But this is also just a suggestion.

Some suggest introducing a third mandatory discipline - history. They explain this by the fact that a modern person is obliged to know the history of his native land and what happened in the world. But if you consider the inability of many to keep in memory such a number of dates, this proposal can also be challenged.

So, to the question: how many exams must be taken in grade 9 in 2018, you can answer like this. There remain 2 main subjects: the Russian language and mathematics( in writing).In addition, students will be asked to choose 3 disciplines at will. It can be: physics, foreign language, literature, chemistry, history, MHC, social science, geography, informatics and ICT.This is provided, if the third mandatory exam is not entered.

Information on the timing of the

exams Many people are interested not only in how many exams will have to be taken in grade 9 in 2018, but also at what dates the examination period will take place. Therefore, it is worth noting that the main period of delivery of the GIA: from May 26 to June 24.Retake will be allowed 5 to 22 September. Early surrender is allowed from April 20 to May 6.

If it happens that two handed items fall on the same day, then only one is dealt. The second can be taken on a reserve day. Also, if a student falls ill, he can take it on a reserve day.

The results evaluation system will also be changed. The usual five-point system will be replaced by a completely different one, but more extended. This will allow you to more accurately assess the level of knowledge of the child.

Test and Measurement Materials

KIMs are the options that students decide on the exam. They will not change significantly. Basically there will be changes regarding the criteria for evaluating assignments. In the main subjects, KIMs are as follows:

  1. Mathematics. This exam will include 26 assignments. Of them - 11 in algebra, 8 - in geometry, 7 - in mathematics. Some tasks involve a choice of several answers. And in others it is required to specify the correct number.
  2. Russian language. Will include 15 tasks. This also includes an account. And the text will be read by ear only twice. It is also required to write a short essay.
  3. Social studies. Includes 31 tasks. One will consist of two parts. In one you will need to choose the correct answer. In the other, give a full detailed answer.
  4. Physics. Will include 26 tasks. On five of them it is necessary to give the developed argumented answer. The rest - you can respond briefly.
  5. Biology. Contains 32 tasks. The task is divided into two parts. On 28 questions it is necessary to answer briefly, on the remaining four - to give a detailed answer.
  6. Chemistry. Contains 22 tasks. Of these three - in detail, the rest imply a short answer.
  7. Geography. Contains 30 tasks. In three of them you will need to give a detailed answer. In half - you need to choose the right answer. In other tasks, you will need to write a number or a word.
It is interesting that according to statistics the most popular subject for delivery is geography. This can be motivated by the fact that some students assume that this subject is the easiest.

The second most commonly chosen option is social studies. Because it is the closest thing to the real life of a person, according to the students.