How to cook steak?

What is a steak?

Steak is a thick piece of quality beef meat, cut across the muscle fibers and fried at high temperature in a frying pan or grill. Meat for steak can be either more dry( fillet mignon), or with streaks of fat( marble steak).The steak with the bone of the rib is called "ribai".

Despite the fact that the classic steak is whole beef meat fried on fire in a short time, there are numerous recipes of steaks baked in the oven, steaks from pork and even steaks from salmon. Formally, steak is considered even beef steak from beef minced( English beef steak).

What foods do you need to have muscle growth and testosterone levels high? The main meal for mass recruitment. From what meat do the steak do?

For steaks, the meat of those parts of the carcass, the muscles of which are not involved in the motor activity - above all, the chest, sides and back. As a result, no more than 10% of a bull's calf can be used, this is one of the main reasons for the high cost of quality beef meat for steak.

The finished steak gets its name, depending on which part of the carcass it was made from. In different countries, both the scheme of cutting carcasses, and the preferences for choosing meat and the method of roasting. However, steaks are not cooked anywhere from steamed beef - the meat always stays for 15-20 days.

How to cook steak?

American steak

American steak is a large and thick piece of meat with noble veins of fat( marble beef).In Europe, they prefer smaller and thin steaks from loin meat.

Steak is not just a piece of beef fried in a frying pan. The usual beef from the nearest meat store( especially, steamed beef) definitely will not do for a good steak - with it you will get only a large piece of stew in your own juice of meat.

  1. Buy the right meat .Preference should be given either to domestic meat for steaks in vacuum packs, or imported frozen. Frozen meat before cooking should be defrosted beforehand - leave it in the main compartment of the refrigerator for several hours.
  2. Cut the meat into thick pieces of .Steak meat is washed, then cut into thick chunks - 2.5 cm for fat marble meat, or 4-5 cm for a practically dry beef tenderloin fillet mignon. Before cooking, the meat should lie at room temperature for at least 30-45 minutes.
  3. Prepare gas and frying pan .European thin steaks from fillet meat is best fried in olive oil, non-stick pans and on a gas stove, and thicker and greasy American or Australian - on special ribbed frying pans or on a grill. In this case, a minimum of oil is required.
  4. Do not spoil the meat! Never wash meat directly before roasting - it should be as dry as possible. Before roasting a steak, add a little bit of rock salt, black pepper or a pinch of aromatic herbs on both sides, but be moderate and do not overdo it with spices.
  5. When frying, keep the crust on the steak. To form a crispy crust that retains all the juices inside, the steak is important to fry at a high temperature. Do not lay out a few pieces at the same time - it will lower the temperature and meat will inevitably begin to stew in its own juice.
  6. Be sure to mark the time .As in the case of cooking soft-boiled eggs, the best result is obtained by noting the cooking time. The roasting time depends on the thickness of the piece of meat and its type - starting from 1.5-2 minutes for the fillet mignon, ending 6-7 minutes for each side of the marbled beef with the roast well done .
  7. Allow the steak to lie down before serving .Before the steak is almost ready, it is removed from the fire and placed on the plate for 5-7 minutes. The high temperature on the surface of the steak redistributes the internal juices, as a result of which the meat is more evenly saturated and becomes more tasty and juicy.

Herbal or grain fattening?

For the right and tasty steak, the meat of young Angus special steers( Angus ) and Hereford( Hereford ) is best suited for ages 1-1.5 years. Depending on the type of food of the animal, meat has more fat impregnations( grain fattening wheat and corn) or less( herb fattening).

In the USA and Australia preference is given to the "marble" meat of grain fattening - inside the muscle fibers tender fat layers are formed, so the steak after cooking is juicy and tender. However, in Europe and South Africa, they prefer dry meat of herb fattening.

Steak roasting degree

According to the American classification system, roasts are divided into six stages of availability of cakes - very rare ( practically raw meat), rare ( meat with blood), medium rare ( weakly cooked steak), medium( medium roast), medium well ( almost fried), well done ( fried).

For fat and fatty steaks preferred by Americans, the medium rare to medium well is optimal, and for light thinner European steaks with a low fat content( for example, classic fillet mignon), a light roast is best suited - from rare to medium .


To prepare a steak you need, first of all, quality beef meat and a good frying pan. At the same time depending on your tastes( whether you prefer thin steaks of herb fattening meat or more fat marbled beef) will depend not only on cooking time, but also on the required inventory.