Beginner's guide: 4 week

Training additives

In the first material of our beginner guide for muscle growth, we mentioned that it is intended for lean nature-based ectomorphs having problems with weight gain and muscle mass. The main difference of their metabolism is the accelerated metabolism with a relatively low appetite.

Without a sufficient supply of energy, such people train at the floor strength, without creating the necessary stimulus for muscle growth, and low caloric intake simply does not allow the musculature to grow. The good news is that special sports supplements are quite capable of helping.

Types of build and genetics - what is inherent in you from nature? What somatotypes are and how to determine your body type?

The importance of energy in the body

The human body is a kind of "battery", and its muscles are additional power supplies. Thus energy is necessary both for physical activity, and for processes of a metabolism. The more energy a person spends, the more energy his body will want to accumulate next time.

To properly charge the internal "battery" you need not only the energy of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also "catalysts" - water, vitamins, minerals and even sunlight( an activator of vitamin D important for metabolism).Without replenishing the current energy needed, the body will not build muscle.

Why is it difficult to gain muscle?

Charging "batteries" requires conditions - excessively concentrated energy does not have time to properly digest and is utilized in fatty deposits. That is why an improper diet rich in fats and carbohydrates with a high glycemic index leads to an increase in fat mass.

The body should receive energy when it needs it most - in the morning after waking up, and immediately after physical training. In this case, the "fast" calories will be used in an optimal way - in contrast to the same calories late at night before going to bed.

Sports nutrition before training

Often beginners are trained on an empty stomach at the end of the working day, when there is absolutely no energy left. This is a big mistake. For a full strength training, 5-10 grams of whey protein, 20-30 grams of fast carbohydrates and 5 grams of creatine are needed, taken 10-20 minutes before it starts.

If you do not take care of a protein-carbohydrate cocktail before strength training, energy reserves will end in a few minutes after it starts - the body will begin to destroy the muscles in order to withstand the level of stress that is being exposed. It is simply ridiculous to talk about the growth of the musculature.

Importance of carbohydrates for muscle growth

For successful muscle growth, carbohydrates, not proteins, are needed. It is on carbohydrates that the body "works" and it is them that he stores in the muscles in the form of glycogen. The more glycogen is stored in the muscles, the more effective the training becomes and the more the muscles are stimulated for the subsequent growth.

Despite the fact that fast carbohydrates usually lead to a set of fat, their use before and after training is useful - it allows you to quickly increase the level of insulin in the blood and direct the energy of these carbohydrates directly to the muscles, bypassing the long process of digestion.

Protein cocktail after training

Immediately after training, the body needs to restore the reserves of glycogen( stored in muscle carbohydrates) and get protein, the main building material for muscles. And the speed of obtaining food plays a decisive role - proteins and carbohydrates are needed for the body as quickly as possible.

If you have a dense dinner in an hour and a half, the body will receive energy after a few hours, when the food is digested. That is why immediately after the training you need to take another protein-carbohydrate cocktail( or geyner), consisting of 10-15 g of protein and 40-50 g of fast carbohydrates.

Training program: 4 week

This week the number of repetitions is again reduced - now the main exercises are performed 7-9 times. However, remember that the technique is much more important than the weight on the rod - increase the working weight only if you are really able to perform the exercise technically correct.

  • Pull-ups - 3 x 10
  • Sit-ups with a barbell - 3 x 7-9
  • Standing rod press - 3 x 7-9
  • Deadlift - 3 x 7-9
  • Rod rod to the belt - 3 x 7-9
  • Bench press bar- 3 x 7-9


Taking supplements from fast carbohydrates and whey protein before and after training is the most important stimulus for muscle growth in beginners, as this gives an extra energy boost, allowing you to use large working weights and conduct strength training effectively.