What is before training?

Rules for feeding a successful workout

A successful training session is impossible without proper nutrition before and after it. If your primary goal is to gain weight, you need not just a pre-training booster or a portion of a sports protein, but a full-fledged and integrated lunch for 2-3 hours before strength training.

If you want to lose weight, it is important not to eat anything 3-4 hours before the fat burning training. This will force the body to use reserve energy, rather than spend the calories of food just eaten. It is especially harmful to use sports drinks( Powerade, Gatorade), containing a lot of sugar.

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Nutrition before training for muscle growth

It should be remembered that when training for muscle mass, the use of proteins and carbohydrates before exercise is very important. If the body does not have enough energy reserves and glycogen essential for the work of the muscles, you simply can not train at full strength.

In this case, if a portion of whey protein before training will protect the muscles from disintegration, it can not give the body enough energy. For a complete strength training the body needs about 40-45 grams of carbohydrates - after all, they are the main source of energy for the muscles.

What is before training?

In most cases, to saturate the body with proteins and carbohydrates, it's enough just to have a dense dinner for 2-3 hours before strength training. The ideal choice will be complex sources of carbohydrates( rice, potatoes and various cereals) and a little meat with a minimum of fat( chicken breast).

It is important to take into account the fact that if the digestion of most cereals the body spends only an hour and a half, then it takes at least 4-5 hours to fully digest meat( 1).That is why the source of protein before training for muscle growth should be a sports protein with a high rate of assimilation.

Protein - before or after training?

Despite the fact that the benefits of sports protein for muscle mass are unequivocally proven by scientific research, there are no unambiguous recommendations about the time of its use. Apparently, it is necessary to take whey protein both before and after weight training.

For the growth of muscles, 0.4-0.5 g of protein( 2) per kg of dry body weight( weight minus body fat) for an athlete weighing 75 kg, having a 9-12% fat level, is sufficient for the body to muscular growth, before and after training, a total of about 25-35 g protein isolate, or one standard measuring spoon.

Nutrition before morning workout

If you are training early in the morning and you do not have the opportunity to pre-breakfast, you will be helped by a geyner - a special sports nutrition containing a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. Take half the measuring spoon of the geyner immediately after awakening, the second half - for 10-15 minutes before training.

Separately note that strength training on an empty stomach is also permissible. They are a key part of the method of interval starvation aimed at the collection of dry muscle mass and simultaneous fat burning. However, interval starvation is not recommended for beginners.

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Nutrition before exercise for fat burning

In the anti-subcutaneous fat control material, FitSeven mentioned that fat burning is regulated by hormones and nutrition. After consuming sugars and simple carbohydrates, a large amount of glucose enters the bloodstream, causing the body to fight it by raising the level of the insulin hormone.

In this case, a high level of insulin in the blood almost blocks the release of fat from fat cells, which makes it virtually impossible to burn this fat to obtain energy. In other words, to remove fat from the abdomen, you must exercise with a minimum level of insulin( and sugar) in the blood.

Exercises on an empty stomach

To maximize fat burning, it is recommended to exercise either in the morning on an empty stomach, or 3-4 hours after the last meal. Such training will be less intensive, but more severe - this is what will make the body make the most of its reserves.

Before training, it is allowed to use amino acids BCAA or fat burners from our rating of the best thermogenics. However, we note that the caffeine contained in fat burners can accelerate the heart rate, transferring you from the fat-burning zone of the pulse to the danger zone.


For muscle growth 2-3 hours before training, you must eat a full meal, containing at least 45-50 g of carbohydrates. For weight loss, on the contrary, it is not recommended to eat anything 3-4 hours before the training in order to reduce blood sugar and optimize the processes of fat burning.

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