Minus 30 kg in 3 months!

  • Age: 23 years
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight before / after: 110 kg \ 80 kg

Three months ago

To be honest, then I did not consider myself fat. Well, think, T-shirts do not sit well, the press is lost, and on the old pants lightning does not converge. .. Somehow everything was invisible. At that moment my weight was 110 kg, I ate what I wanted, and when I wanted.

I often have to work in night shifts, and this affects the mode of life and the manner of nutrition. Almost every day I drank beer and ate fast food, spent the weekend lying on the couch and watching TV( drinking my favorite beer).

Why did I want to change?

I once looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I did not like the reflection. We need to take on ourselves, stop being lazy, bring our body and mind in order. I wanted to return the old form( once in high school I was engaged in wrestling and wrestling).

After three months, my weight dropped to 93 kg, for all this time I just ate fast food twice, and once consumed alcohol( a bottle of beer at a party).At work, I always come with pre-cooked food and protein powder.

A new life

One day, very unexpectedly, just then suddenly I felt it, and literally said to myself - "dude, look how you've changed!".Everything gathered in a single picture, and I saw how my stomach was tightened, how my chest and biceps increased, how the veins were drawn.

I realized that I live in a completely different rhythm, and I like it! Suddenly, I saw life in all its color, again I learned how to set goals and achieve them - I wanted to change, and I did it, I wanted a promotion at work - and I achieved it!

First month: workouts

Monday( legs and press)

  • squats with a barbell, 4x12-15
  • dumbbells with dumbbells, 4x12-15
  • leg extension in the simulator sitting, 4x12-15
  • twisting on the press with fixing of the legs, 4x20-25
  • twisting with the fitball, 4x20-25
  • lifting of the legs in the vise, 4x20-25
  • cardioads - 35 minutes

Tuesday( biceps and triceps)

  • lifting dumbbells to the biceps sitting, 4x12-15
  • lifting dumbbells to the biceps standing, 4x12-15
  • Frenchtriceps press, 4x12-15
  • block traction on the triceps, 4x12-15
  • cardioads - 35 minut

Wednesday( chest and press)

  • bench press, 4x12-15
  • dumbbell lying down, 4x12-15
  • dilution in the simulator, 4x12-15
  • leg lift in the vise, 4x20-25
  • curling, 4x20-25
  • lateral twistingon the fitball, 4x20-25
  • cardio - 35 minutes

Thursday( shoulders and back)

  • barbell standing, 4x12-15
  • dumbbell cultivation in the sides, 4x12-15
  • dumbbell cultivation in front of you, 4x12-15
  • reverse dilution in the simulator,4x12-15
  • pull of the block behind the head, 4x12-15
  • pull-ups with a back grip, 4x12-15
  • cardioonnarrow - 35 minutes


  • cardioads - 35 minutes

Saturday and Sunday - rest.

In all exercises, the load is 55% of the maximum( the maximum weight with which you can technically correctly do just 1 repetition of the exercise).

First month: diet

Sports nutrition: fat burner and vitamins in the morning, pre-training complex before training, liquid BCAA during training, fast proteins after and during the day, slow proteins at night.

Breakfast - oatmeal, 5 egg whites, 2 slices of whole grain bread. Prepared snack: an apple and a cup of spinach. Lunch: white fish with broccoli and steamed rice. Afternoon snack: boiled shrimp and spinach. Dinner: turkey breast and broccoli.


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