Cubic force

Top press

One of the most popular exercises for the muscles of the upper abdomen is twisting, and it is due to its wide distribution that the upper cubes in most of the trainers are best developed.

Two other effective exercises on the upper part of the press - twisting on the block standing and twisting with load. It is important that these exercises must be performed with the load, because without it the effect is minimal.

Bottom press

The lower muscles of the press are considered the most difficult to work out, and the two lower dice are drawn last. The first thing you need to work out the bottom of the press is to learn how to feel these muscles.

Among the main exercises for working on the lower press can be called raising the hips lying down, twisting with the ball, a bridge on one hand and twisting with the fixation of the legs. The main rule in doing these exercises is to do the repetition slowly.

Lateral press

Correctly and harmoniously developed lateral and lower muscles of the press are responsible for the formation of the so-called V-shaped "Adonis belt", to which all those who start to pump the press are eager. But as with the lower cubes, it is not easy to achieve this belt.

Side twists and turns with the ball - exercises for working out the lateral press of initial ease, recommended for beginners. Go to more advanced is recommended only after you master these.

Internal muscles of the press

In addition to working on the development of external abdominal muscles, it is also necessary to train the internal muscles of the press. It is these muscles that are responsible for the flat form of the abdomen, and without their development the press will take a "falling out" appearance.

In addition, additional training is always necessary in the lower back, otherwise when performing a series of exercises on the press, it is under excessive load. Be sure to add back extensions( hyperextensions) to your program.

Twisting on the block standing

Starting position: standing straight ahead of the block, hands behind the head, the weight is fixed. Stringing the abdominal muscles, on exhalation, slowly round the back, trying to touch the chin with your chest. Hold for five seconds at the lowest point, then on inspiration go back to the starting position.

Twisting with load

Starting position: lying on the back, legs bent at the knees, additional weight on the chest( ball, dumbbell or barbell).Straining the abdominal muscles, tear the shoulders from the ground on the exhale, fix the position for five seconds, then return to the starting point. Make sure that only the shoulders move, and the waist does not come off the floor.

Raising the hips lying

Starting position: lying on the back, knees are straight, legs make a right angle with the trunk;hands, palms down, lie under the buttocks. On exhalation tear off the buttocks from the ground, as if pushing with the palms, simultaneously drawing in the belly. Pull up as high as possible.

Twist with the ball

Starting position: lying on the back, hands behind the head, palms on the temples, in the bent knees clamped the ball. Without touching the feet of the floor, slowly move the ball from side to side, describing the knees to figure eight.

Lateral twisting

Starting position: Lying on the left side, the left arm rests on the forearm, the legs are straight. Tear your ankles and knees off the ground, try to raise your legs as high as possible, without lifting the pelvis off the floor. When done, repeat the exercise by running it on the right side.

Ball turns

Starting position: sitting on the knees, the ankles are pressed to the buttocks, the ball is located behind the back. Turning to the left, take the ball in your hands, turn slowly to the right, again put it behind your back, return to the starting position with empty hands. When done, repeat, changing the order of the movements - to the left with the ball, to the right - without.

Twisting with foot fixation

Starting position: the legs are bent at the knees and hips, the socks are fixed;Straight hands in front of him, palms closed. Slowly lean back. Take care that your legs do not come off the ground, but your back is straight.

Back Extensions

Starting position: bending, pull straight hands forward. Slowly rise up to the position when the body straightens into a straight line. Take care that the top point does not deviate too much back.

Back Extensions

Starting position: bend, pull straight hands forward. Slowly rise up to the position when the body straightens into a straight line. Take care that the top point does not deviate too much back.

How often to train a press?

Train one group of muscles of the press for training( upper, lower, side, inner), performing two exercises of three or four sets of 12-17 repetitions. The total time for such training should not exceed ten minutes.

If you attach great importance to the press, train it before the main workout, and not after it, when you no longer have the strength. The second important advice - adhere to the basic program, which guarantees the growth of muscles.


In an effort to create a beautiful and flat stomach, do not forget, the relief press is primarily achieved with a low percentage of subcutaneous fat. And to burn fat will help rather a correct and balanced diet, not training.