Exercises for burning fat

Exercises for burning fat

Want to burn fat on your stomach as soon as possible and look for the best exercises for this? We hurry to upset you. Any training for weight loss is effective only in combination with proper nutrition. It is with proper nutrition, and not just with a diet for "slimming at 15 kg for two weeks."

Exercises on the press are not capable of burning fat on the abdomen, and the only way to lose weight exclusively in "problematic" places is liposuction. At physical exertion fat reserves are spent evenly throughout the body - and fat on the stomach, unfortunately, leaves last.

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Rapid weight loss: the strategy of training

It is necessary to consider physical training not simply as a way to waste "extra" calories and fat burning, but rather as a mechanism for rebuilding your body's metabolism to optimize the production of fat-burning hormones( from testosterone to growth hormone).

This gradual increase in the level of activity of your training and its regularity is much more important than choosing specific exercises. You need to work smoothly, but confidently, to change your metabolism and to accustom the body to a new scheme of work - only this will allow you to lose weight and burn fat.

Diet for flat stomach

Observance of a moderate diet with an abundance of fiber and control over carbohydrates is the most important step in burning fat and further maintaining a stable body weight. Whatever your training was not active, improper and excessive nutrition can quickly erase their effectiveness.

Remember that for effective weight loss you will also have to give up such "useful" products as orange juice. A glass of even freshly squeezed orange juice contains a comparable amount of calories to Coca-Cola - to burn them, you will have to run almost 4 kilometers.

Simple diet for weight loss

In addition, the observance of a diet in the spirit of "giving up fat" and "not eating after six" can not be considered a proper diet. Fat is critically important for the metabolism and synthesis of hormones, and the total ratio of nutrients in the diet always plays a more significant role than the time of meals.

It is also important that for fat burning on the stomach it is not enough just to limit the caloric content of the diet - a stiff diet and a significant lack of calories will only increase the level of the leptin hunger hormone and the stress hormone cortisol, thereby provoking the accumulation of fat on the stomach.

How to burn fat on the stomach: recommendations

  1. Analyze why this fat was formed by .Before you go to weight loss, it is extremely important to understand the root causes of weight gain. Typical causes of fat deposits on the abdomen are both a sedentary lifestyle and improper diet, as well as a shortage of iodine in the diet and the intake of certain medications.
  2. Completely revise your diet .Develop a habit of reading the composition of the food that you buy and try to give up those that contain a lot of carbohydrates and saturated fats. First of all, it is ice cream, other desserts and pastries, as well as fruit juices and drinks with a high sugar content.
  3. Choose the appropriate weight loss training .Below you will find a list of the most effective workouts for fat burning. Carefully study the proposed types of exercises and choose those workouts that seem most interesting to you. It is extremely important not to force yourself, but to love the sport sincerely.
  4. Develop the internal muscles of the press. Remember and that the abdominal muscles encircle the whole body, and not just are on its front surface( the very "cubes").In order to successfully train a press, you must first of all learn how to feel it, and then move on to training your internal abdominal muscles.

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The most effective workouts for weight loss

  1. Circuit Training .The combination of strength exercises and cardio exercises performed on speed - exercises follow one after another with minimal interruptions. Circuit training is conducted either in a group( for example, CrossFit or BodyPump), or with a personal trainer. The exercises themselves are performed with body weight or with an average additional weight.
  2. High-intensity cardio training. Can be performed both in the form of sprinting and cardio training( treadmill or high-speed exercise bike).Constant rhythm change causes the body to burn more calories than with conventional cardio. The main advantage of HIIT training is their short duration - usually no more than 20 minutes.
  3. Slow cardio on an empty stomach .Performing long( at least 40-50 min) and low-intensity cardio training in the morning before breakfast or 3-4 hours after taking any food. A classic example is morning jogging or walking at a fast pace. The main advantage - the lack of costs for the purchase of a subscription to the gym.
  4. Strength training for muscle growth .Performing various strength exercises with great additional weight to increase muscle mass. Note that it's about serious strength training in the gym, and not at home exercises with lightweight collapsible dumbbells. The option is suitable primarily for men.


If you want to burn fat on your stomach, remember that training is not a mechanism for burning excess calories, but a way to rebuild metabolism and activate metabolism. Compliance with the diet while playing a more significant role. However, you do not just need to reduce calories, but learn to eat right.