New Fitness Trends


Training The main fitness trend this year is without doubt the HIIT - "High Intensity Interval Training".HIIT is a short workout with alternating the highest possible and moderate levels of stress.

Since the main advantage of such a training is the acceleration of metabolic metabolism and the maximization of fat burning processes, it is increasingly being used as the most effective way of fighting for a slender body and relief musculature.

2: TRX suspension training

TRX suspension belts are imitation of gymnastic rings fixed to the ceiling, wall or crossbar. TRX are made of strong material and have hinges for holding by hands or feet, allowing you to perform various exercises.

In addition to the fact that such training is important for improving posture, it can be used as a substitute for power without the use of a barbell or dumbbells. Note here that TRX is only one of the popular brands of belts, and not the name of the suspension training itself.

3: CrossFit

CrossFit can definitely be considered the main fitness trend for the last three years. Representing a cyclic training, Crossfit promises both rapid burning of excess fat, and the effective creation of a sports body and "real" muscle.

However, the more people engaged in crossfitting, the stronger the warning of sports doctors that Reebok advertising can be misleading, because such activities can be extremely dangerous for untrained trainers.

4: Circuit Training

The theory of circular training( circuit training) was developed in 1953 by scientists from the University of Leeds. The original goal was to find the optimal program for weight reduction. Unlike conventional cardio, circular training has an important advantage - it does not burn muscles.

This kind of training means any program that meets three criteria: 1) the study of all the muscles of the body in one session;2) minimum rest between exercises;3) performing several cycles of exercises for one lesson. An example of a circular program.

5: Work on the posture of

The athletic body is not so much bigger muscles as the ability to properly hold them. More and more people realize that proper posture and medium-sized muscles make the figure much more sporty than the huge muscles against the backdrop of a crooked spine.

Among other things, the older a person becomes, the more he understands that it is not the size of the muscles that is important, but the mobility of the joints and the absence of pain. Direct training for improving posture consists of the same static exercises performed regularly.

6: Massage rollers

Sport massage, which significantly accelerates the processes of muscle recovery and growth, has been available for a long time exclusively to professional athletes. Until the appearance of massage rollers( English: foam roller) did not allow to conduct it yourself.

A typical massage roller is a cylinder with a length of 30 cm or 90 cm and a diameter of 15 cm. The roller is placed under the muscular group, a "stress point" is sought in which the muscles are pulled together, and then, by light pressure, this voltage is removed.

7: Fitness trackers

The sports goods market in 2014 was literally filled with various gadgets, recognized as calories, steps and in principle making the training more effective. However, the accuracy of such devices is still a big question.

Despite the fact that fitness gadgets can make you move more, it is important to understand that the numbers displayed by such a device or application are most often very conditional and can differ from reality not just by individual percentages, but by whole orders.


The main fitness trend of 2015 is the increased interest of the trainees not so much to increase the muscles with the help of simulators, but to free weights for creating a harmoniously developed body with the correct sport posture.