How to warm up properly?

Warm up before training

In the gym, you can usually meet two types of people - those who do not do warm-up before training( or are limited to 3-5 minutes of cardio) and those who perform a complex and long program of exercises rather for stretching muscles than ontheir warm-up.

However, both approaches are erroneous. Excessively aggressive attempts to stretch the "cold" muscles easily lead to trauma - just like performing strength exercises without preliminary preparation. It is important to remember that warm-up is one of the most important components of strength training.

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What is warm-up and why is it needed?

The warm-up before training not only literally "warms up" the body( which is actual, if it's cool enough on the street), but also prepares for the forthcoming physical loads the bunches and muscles of the body, as well as its respiratoryand the central nervous system.

Among other things, warm-up helps to repeat the technique of performing the basic exercises of the upcoming training, which will have a positive impact not only on reducing the risk of injury, but also on increasing the strength and speed of subsequent recovery and muscle growth.

How do I warm up correctly?

There are three types of warm-up - static, dynamic and ballistic. Static warm-up, also called stretching, is to fix the limb and the conscious tension of the muscles. Dynamic - in the slow repetition of movements, and ballistic - in a chaotic movement.

The most effective warm-up is a dynamic, involving a slow repetition of exercises - but it is the least popular. Most people prefer chaotic limb movements, believing that in this way they prepare the body for stress.

The best exercises for warm-up

It should be noted that the universal exercise program for warm-up simply does not exist. Each trainee needs not just his own warm-up, but warm-up of different days - if today you are going to train your legs, you will need warm-up for the muscles of the legs.

However, there are general rules that are recommended. First, the total duration of the workout should not exceed 10-15 minutes. Secondly, you should not spend too much energy on warming up. Thirdly, no more than 3-5 exercises are sufficient for warm-up.

Workout program for warm-up

Below is a set of exercises for warming up, suitable primarily for those who train without a special program and just support the form in the gym. If you are training in a basic program, the basic exercises that are performed with light weight should be included in the warm-up.

Note that running is not necessary for warm-up. Since the main task of cardio is to warm up the body and increase its temperature, you can choose any other type of activity - starting with an exercise bike or a rowing machine, ending with a rope or even jumping in place.

The complex of exercises for warm-up

Complex exercises for warm-up - cardio

Cardio .Devote the first 5-7 minutes of warm-up to a light jog on the treadmill, exercise bike or any other cardio. It is important to maintain a moderate pace and maintain a pulse of no more than 120-130 beats per minute. Your task is to sweat a little, but not to get tired.

Complex exercises for warm-up - attacks with the cultivation of hands

Lungs with dilated hands. Standing straight, straight arms are crossed at the level just below the waist, the muscles of the arms and the muscles of the press are strained. If you bend the little finger and an unprimmed finger, and leave the remaining fingers outstretched, this will help tighten the arm muscles a little stronger. Taking a deep breath, take a step with one foot forward, while spreading your hands to the side. Keep the arms and the press in suspense. Return to the starting position while exhaling. Do 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions, trying to crouch as much as possible.

Complex exercises for warm-up - lunges sideways

Sideways .Similar starting position. The palms are gathered together, the index and middle finger pointing down, the rest of the fingers are gathered inside the palm. Taking a deep breath, take a wide step to the left, taking your right hands to the left as well;the right leg remains straight. Return to the starting position while exhaling. Repeat, changing your leg and trying to squat as deeply as possible. Do 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Complex exercises for warm-up - leans forward on one leg

Slopes forward on one leg .Similar starting position. Taking a deep breath, take a step with one foot forward, simultaneously bending over. Keep your arms tightly, also do not bend your back and make sure that the muscles of the body remain in easy tension. At the output, return to the starting position. Repeat by changing your legs. Do 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.


Carrying out a 10-15 minute warm-up before each workout in the gym is one of the easiest ways to avoid injury, prepare the body for the upcoming stresses and accelerate the recovery and growth of muscles by improving the neuromuscular connection between the muscles and the brain.