What spoils the posture?

1: Backpack

Wearing heavy backpacks is one of the most common causes of impaired posture and curvature of the spine( 1).The weight of the backpack causes the shoulders to fall forward, creating a deflection in the back. If the backpack is wearing only one strap, the spine is bent and sideways.

Ideally, it is generally not recommended to use classic backpacks( and, especially, not to wear them on one strap), preferring them to sports backpacks, "drops" on thin straps. In this case, the weight will fall on the strongest, lower part of the trapezoid.

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2: Wrong shoes

If girls are more often aware that shoes with high heels have a negative effect on the spine, then few men think that shoes without a heel( sneakers, sandals and spanking) are also harmful, provoking flat feet andviolation of gait.

Specialists consider beach sandals the worst option, permissible as shoes. Their constant wearing leads not only to the formation of a shuffling gait and an increase in the angle of the turn of the foot, but also significantly increases the risk of back pain( 2).

3: Work in front of the computer

Even work in front of the computer in the right position at which the feet stand on the floor, the angle between the hips and the body is 90-120 °, the angle of the elbow bend is close to 90 °, and the screen is at the level of view( slightlyabove the table) leads to a deterioration of posture.

The reason is the unconscious direction of the neck forward, closer to the screen. If you consider the real situation of a person when working on a laptop, then most often all the above items will be violated. The result is chronic pain in the wrists, neck, back and waist.

4: Mobile phone

Remember how your grandmother behaved when she first saw the smartphone - most likely, she raised it to a level of view to consider. Now pay attention to the people around - they will probably keep the phone much lower, while appreciating at the same time.

First of all, try not to use the smartphone while walking, as this significantly worsens not only the posture, but also the gait. If possible, use the phone to surf the Internet or to play in a sitting position, keeping it at a glance level.

5: Driving the

The low-seating car seat, where the knees are above the normal position, is considered the most harmful to the health of the spine( 3).Add to this the slope to the steering wheel and you will get not only back pain, but also a general violation of posture.

For driving the car, experts advise not only to use special pillows on the seat, lifting the pelvis, but also various ergonomic tabs between the back and the chair, supporting the natural deflection in the lower part of the spine.

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6: Seat on the couch

Obviously, the above applies to sitting on the couch. More and more studies suggest that a long hours in the wrong position can lead not only to a worsening of posture, but also to the development of a number of diseases and the deterioration of metabolism( 3).

A semi-legged posture with a lateral slope is the worst thing you can imagine for your health. The correct position for finding on the couch resembles the business class seats of the aircraft - legs and head are supported, the angle between the hull and hips is 120 °.

7: Sleep in the wrong posture

Sleeping accounts for about a third of the time of day, which makes the position during sleep the most typical for our body. If you constantly sleep in the wrong position with a pillow that is too high, this will definitely lead to a curvature of the spine.

The most correct and useful for the posture is a sleep on the back, in which the body is supported by two pillows - a thin enough pillow under the head and a pillow of medium thickness, located under the knees and slightly lifting the pelvis up.


Spending his whole life in a curved and twisted position, already by the age of 30-40, a person feels the consequences of a violation of posture - chronic back pain, constant fatigue and metabolic disorders. It is critically important to begin adjusting the posture as soon as possible.

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