The truth about fat burners

What are fat burners?

Fat burners are biologically active additives( BAA) for lowering body weight. It is important to note that, contrary to the name, no fat burner is able to "burn fat" - slimming with their help is achieved solely by accelerating metabolism and optimizing metabolic processes.

However, only a very few fat burners are actually able to reduce weight, and most of these additives are either a waste of money, or directly harm the health. The difficulty lies in the fact that fat burners are not tested for safety and lack of contraindications.

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The most effective fat burners

Despite the fact that there are many different types of fat burners, the effectiveness for "fat burning" is shown only by thermogenics, which accelerate metabolism by increasing the level of activity. The other types of fat burners( including "calorie blockers") are usually ineffective.

The most popular thermogenics is regular caffeine - its use really can accelerate metabolism, reduce appetite and increase activity, affecting the amount of calories burned by the body. However, caffeine quickly develops tolerance.

Kinds of sport fat burners

As there are practically no norms for dietary supplements, fat burning manufacturers do not have to prove that their products are effective - they can sell even ordinary water, informing about its "fat burning properties" in advertising. And that's what they often do.

  1. Thermogenics. Similar fat burners accelerate the metabolism by increasing body temperature and activating the CNS.Have a large list of contraindications and side effects( irritability, sweating, tachycardia).They are often close to amphetamines by action and the mechanism of dependence formation. Suppressors of appetite. Most of the additives in this category of fat burners are essentially thermogenics. It should be understood that there are no drugs that significantly reduce the level of appetite, but not affecting other metabolic characteristics.
  2. Diuretics. Like other laxatives, diuretics stimulate intestinal motility and inhibit the re-absorption of water. The result is a temporary weight loss and numbers on the scales by reducing the amount of fluid in the body. Typical side effects when taking such fat burners - diarrhea and excessive sweating.
  3. Calorie blockers. In theory, similar fat burners should prevent the assimilation of nutrients, helping to reduce the caloric content of the diet, but in practice their effectiveness is low - except for prescription drugs that worsen the absorption of fat during digestion.
  4. Means for improving metabolism .They are able to reduce weight and show fat-burning efficiency only with disturbed metabolism, normalizing it. Represent a large category of various substances - from L-carnitine, ending with drugs to normalize the work of the thyroid gland and vitamins.

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How to choose a working thermogenik?

Only a few substances have evidence base as thermogenics - caffeine, ephedrine, methylhexanamine( DMAA) and phenylpropanolamine( PPA).The effectiveness of caffeine and other natural fat burners is quite low, and "chemical" drugs are often prohibited by law as narcotic.

It is important to remember that many "vegetable" ingredients of dubious fat burners are close to amphetamines both in terms of chemical formula and in terms of their effect on the body( improving mood, increasing activity, anxiety, etc.).Their intake can be substantially hazardous to health.

The danger of fat burners

In the market of sports nutrition hundreds of fat burners are available, each of which includes a mixture of dozens of herbal ingredients. Before the start of sales, they all undergo a single stage of testing - only additives that cause instant intoxication and death are prohibited.

The effect of fat burners on chronic diseases or on combinations with medicines is not checked by the manufacturer or regulatory authorities. The prohibition of a dangerous fat burner and its recall from the sale is made exclusively in case of mass deaths( 1),( 2).


Receiving a fat burner is either a waste of money for a very small result, or a dangerous lottery with your health. Any drug that really burns fat has a long list of contraindications and side effects that are not known even to the manufacturer.

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