What is Crossfit?

Circular training system

Crossfit is one of the most popular training systems based on the principles of circular training using functional exercises - exercises that are as close to natural movements as possible.

In the crossfit training system, activities such as interval run, rowing in the simulator, jumping rope, rope climbing, ring and bar exercises, strength exercises using weights, bars and heavy objects are combined.

How are the crossfit workouts built?

Each lesson is a combination of the above activities, bearing the name Workout of the Day( WOD).There are several hundred such combinations, and, in fact, the daily crossfit training is not repeated, and there is no clear system.

One of the distinguishing features of the system is the work in groups of 10-15 people, which helps to train more effectively - experienced community members encourage newcomers, and also compete among themselves for the best result.

The history of

The founder of Crossfit, Greg Glassman, was born on October 28, 1956 in the vicinity of Los Angeles, California. He started his career as a personal trainer at the age of 18, in the very first years he began using the name CrossFit for his training system( 1).

Initially, the system served as a personal program for burning fat, and training took place in a regular gym. However, gradually the business model changed, in 1995 the first cross-flick hall appeared, and in the year 2000 the company CrossFit, Inc. was opened.

CrossFit Business Model

CrossFit training centers are required to pay annual fees for the use of the methodology and brand, and the trainers of these centers are required to undergo an annual two-day training at CrossFit centers costing about $ 1 thousand.

In 2012, CrossFit, Inc. revenue.amounted to $ 50 million, in 2013, according to preliminary estimates, it will be $ 100 million( 2).The number of locations at the end of 2012 is 6775. The number of people trained by the system is more than half a million.

CrossFit &Rebook

In the early 2000s, Reebok began to experience serious sales difficulties, losing the contract with the National Football League NFL.In 2006, Adidas bought Reebok for $ 3.8 billion, and in 2010 there was also the replacement of NFL - a 10-year partnership with CrossFit( 3).

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but only for the prize fund Reebok CrossFit Games 2011 the company was allocated $ 1 million. In addition to supporting the above-mentioned games, collections of sports shoes and clothes for cross-training were released.

Criticism of the CrossFit

System In 2005, appeared in a large-scale critical article about crossfit - "Getting Fit, Even If It Kills You"( 4).In the material it was told about people who were seriously injured during training on this system.

In the United States, a lawsuit was held, according to which CrossFit, Inc.paid $ 300 thousand to a person who was injured during training. In this case, even the logic of building a system and approach to the loads often become the object of criticism.

Opinions of professionals

Dr. Stuart McGill, University of Waterloo : "The benefits that you can get from a crossfire are crossed out by the risk that you yourself are exposed to, performing inherently dangerous exercises with bad technique and infast pace ".

Chris Shugart, fitness professional: "In fact, the structure of crossfire programs is extremely chaotic, and I do not see any logic in choosing exercises and their sequence. The system can be extremely dangerous for untrained trainers "(5).


Reebok commercials, literally giving the crossfit the label "sport for all", forget to mention the danger of such training for untrained beginners. Not to mention the fact that the system of crossfire is not suitable for a set of muscle mass.


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