Toxic Protein

Hydrolyzed protein

Most cheap protein mixtures are derived from milk by processing at high temperatures and hydrolysis. With the same hydrolysis of useful palm oil make margarine, turning the oil into a source of a huge amount of trans fats.

In the process of similar treatment, a large amount of aspartic acid, glutamic acid and free glutamine are formed in milk. The first ingredient is a close relative of aspartame, the second is a salt of glutamic acid, known as sodium glutamate.

Is it possible to make a protein cocktail from home products and will it be possible to replace the powdered protein with dried milk?

Excitoxins: food that kills the brain

Aspartame and sodium glutamate belong to the same group of chemicals, increasingly called excitoxins. The English word excitotoxin is formed from the words excitement - excitation and toxin - toxin. In fact, excitoxins are excitatory toxins.

Under their influence, the brain receives a strong dose of pleasure, the food seems insanely delicious or sweet( obviously, sweetness is also a taste).However, excitoxins have a huge minus - they stimulate the neurons of the brain so much that they begin to die( 1).

Protein with RedBull

In addition to the fact that manufacturers of sports nutrition like to save on the procedure for obtaining isolates, they often add to the product two more "magic" ingredients - taurine and sweetener sucralose. The first is recognized to add energy, the second is to make the taste of the mixture more pleasant.

Taurine affects the nervous system and hypothalamus, causing first a sharp rise in energy, and then a sharp decline. Apparently, taurine causes hypoxia, hypoglycemia, ischemia, increases the number of free radicals and provokes metabolic poisoning( 3).

Syndromes of

excitoxins overdose The first syndrome of intoxication with glutamate and aspartame is a feeling of blurred consciousness and a loss of the ability to concentrate. After the toxins are absorbed by the body, chronic fatigue syndrome appears, immunity and testosterone level decrease.

Neuroscientists are inclined to believe that the chronic and abundant use of excitoxins causes the development of brain diseases - Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and others. Among other things, excitoxins are likely to provoke and intensify strokes. How many excitoxins are in protein?

Numerous glutamic and aspartic acid numbers often appear on protein packages - if this protein is said to be hydrolyzed, it is likely that a certain proportion of these acids are converted in the stomach into excitoxins.

The level of conversion depends on the quality of the raw materials, the method of hydrolysis and the individual characteristics of the organism. The most common figure in the literature is 15%( 4).A portion of protein and 4500 mg of glutamic acid can contain up to 400-600 mg of glutamate.

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Is all the protein harmful?

Protein mixtures obtained by cold filtration probably contain a minimum amount of excitoxins. In this case, the manufacturer usually clearly indicates that the protein is obtained during filtration, rather than hydrolysis, and the cost of such a product is higher.

Speaking of aspartic acid, it is important to understand that the L-aspartate contained in the protein obtained by high temperatures differs from D-aspartic acid. The latter is not an excitoxin, and, judging by the studies, it can raise the level of testosterone( 5).

Should I give up sports nutrition?

The industry of sports nutrition is very poorly regulated - it's no secret that manufacturers of diet pills often use extremely dangerous ingredients. The excitoxins contained in protein and other sports nutrition are a new and not very studied topic.

Only you can decide whether to believe scientific research or manufacturers' assurances that glutamic acid is not converted into glutamine. Only you can tell what is more important - a large bicep in 25 years or the ability to remember your name, at 60 years old.


Protein mixtures obtained by hydrolyzed and high-temperature treatment( hydrolyzed protein) contain substances that can be converted into excitoxins that cause the death of neurons. Try to buy the protein obtained during the filtration process.

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