Methods of increasing growth

How to increase the growth?

The real increase in height in adulthood is an extremely difficult task, solved more likely by a severe surgical operation than hanging on a horizontal bar and observing a special diet. To grow by 5 or even 10 centimeters can only a teenager, while the areas of his growth remain open.

However, correcting the posture, strengthening the back muscles and observing a number of rules in choosing clothes can make a person visually superior. Exactly as well as vice versa - the weak muscles of the body, the humpback spine and the wrong clothes will make even a middle-height man a dwarf.

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Human Growth and the Genetics Factor

Scientific research suggests that in the formation of human growth, the primary role is played primarily by genetic factors and race. External factors( adequate nutrition and exercise) contribute no more than 15-20% of the result( 1).In other words, the growth of the child is largely inherent in nature.

The average height of a Russian man is 175-177 cm( 2), which fits in the average figure for men in Europe and North America - 176 cm. The average height of men in Latin America is 170 cm, and in India, China and other Asiancountries - only 165 cm.

How to increase growth in adulthood?

To increase the growth by 5 cm in adulthood is easy enough. To do this, do not need expensive supplements or a painful operation to stretch the legs. It is enough only to revise your style of clothes and regularly engage in special physical exercises to improve posture.

  1. Stop hunching. Constant sitting in a sitting position( from work in the office to driving a car) leads to a violation of posture. It also hurts the fact that when using a mobile phone you have to look down - it makes you hunch. The result is a gradual decline in growth by a few centimeters.
  2. Straighten your shoulders. Maintaining proper posture with molten shoulders and straight back is the simplest way to get higher. However, correcting the posture is a complex and complex therapy, which is best done with a personal trainer, able to correct your posture, rather than look for universal exercises on the Internet.
  3. Strengthen the muscles of the body. The developed muscles of the upper back and shoulders will not only facilitate the daily maintenance of the correct posture, but also lay the foundation for the athletic build. Let's remind, that the best exercises for development of a back are pull-ups and draft of the top block to a breast sitting.
  4. Dress in the right colors of .Clothing can make a person visually higher or lower. The best combination for increasing growth is a combination of "light bottom + dark top" - for example, white pants and a dark T-shirt with a V-neck neckline. In contrast, wide jeans and a long baggy jacket will make a person lower.
  5. Change the hairstyle. Add 2-3 cm of growth will help and hair, raised up using a gel for styling. At the same time forget about the effect of "wet hair" and use only matte tools for styling in small quantities. Before applying the gel, the hair is best washed and dried by a hair dryer, lifting them up.

The development of the back muscles is the main problem for beginners. All about how to start getting your back into the job and learning how to pull yourself right.

Can I increase the height by 10 cm?

A teenager can easily become 10 centimeters taller before the end of the puberty cycle, while the growth zones remain open - stretching exercises, hanging on the bar and swimming exercises will help stretch out the growth. However, for people older than 20 years, such methods will no longer work.

At the same time, strength training and basic exercises negatively affect growth in adolescence. The vertical load of most exercises with dumbbells and a bar does not allow bones to grow. In addition, the production of testosterone significantly closes the growth zones.

Diet to Become Higher

The lack of protein and calories in the diet leads to a significant slowdown in the growth of the child. The average height of North Korean men is about 7 cm lower than that of South - the cause seems to be chronic malnutrition and a shortage of vitamins for several generations( 3).

In order for a child to successfully realize its inherent genetic growth potential, his diet should contain not only protein sources, but as many vegetables and whole grains as possible. It is also important for children to regularly eat sea fish - a source of useful omega-3 fatty acids and iodine.


Despite the fact that after closing the growth zones no physical exercises( including swimming and regular hovering on the bar) are able to make a person higher, correcting the posture and correct selection of clothes will easily allow you to visually stretch for a significant 5 cm.

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