Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 86 kg
  • Date of birth: September 15, 1977
  • Most popular films: "The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend", "Inception", "The Warrior"
From what the muscles grow - the explanationsimple words and recommendations for effective training. How to start muscle growth?

How was Tom Hardy pumped?

To participate in the movie "Bronson", released on the screens in 2008, Tom Hardy scored more than 20 kg of muscle in a few months. Given the fact that at the time of filming the actor was almost thirty years old, one can only imagine what efforts it cost him.

In an interview with Tom, he says that he did not use steroids( which, in fact, is very likely), but he trained hard on the basic program and ate everything that came to his eyes. The basis of food was chicken and rice, but he did not refuse from pizza and fast food.

Training on the relief of

If the role in the film "Bronson" required a massive physique without the presence of relief, the film "Warrior", where Tom played a former soldier and a mixed martial artist forced the actor to substantially dry the body by presenting the relief muscles on the screen.

Training for filming meant not only strength training, but also daily classes in various types of martial arts - boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing. The diet also had to change significantly, giving up empty calories and fast carbohydrates.

Diet for the movie "Warrior"

Tom Hardy: "I was sticking to a carbohydrate diet. Meals were divided into 5-6 servings throughout the day. A lot of chicken, broccoli. Practically nothing more than this. This diet does not allow the body to store fat, but it's hard to train without carbohydrates. "

As sports supplements, Tom took protein during the day and BCAA during training, which is especially important for training with the use of martial arts. As a result, the actor scored 12 kg of pure muscles, reducing the amount of fat mass to a minimum.

Training for the movie "The Dark Knight"

For three months preparing for the shooting of the movie "The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend" Tom increased his weight by 15 kg, again returning to the dimensions and volumes familiar to the film "Warrior".His personal trainer, as always, was Patrick P-nut Monroe.

Many publications publish variations of the program for this film, but officially it was not presented. Most sources agree that the training was based on the principles of the basic program, more precisely, one of its variations - the "5 x 5" program.

Basic principles of the program 5 x 5

1. Each exercise of the program is performed in five sets of five repetitions in each approach( in fact, hence the name - 5 x 5).Breaks between approaches are quite large - at least 2-4 minutes.

2. Training on this program is conducted three times a week, as in the basic program. The rest of the days are recommended to be dedicated to recovery, abandoning running, football or similar activities, preferring pilates or yoga to them.

3. The program includes only four basic exercises - deadlift, squats, bench press and standing press. Squats and deadlifts alternate from training to training, bench presses and bench presses are performed every workout.

4. If you feel that you can technically perform more than five repetitions of the exercise, you should increase the weight of the bar. However, watch for safety and use the help of a trainer or a reinsurance partner.

Muscles and computer graphics

It's safe to say that to make Volume Hardy the role of Bain from the movie about Batman, computer graphics were used. The actor's tattoos are not visible on the frames of the film - if they were removed by frame, the muscles could also be slightly "painted".

Specialists in light and costumes also tried. If even a normal person can change the face of a person beyond recognition, then a team of hundreds of professionals can perform miracles - that's why actors never look in life the way they do in movies.


Tom Hardy's training for muscle mass when shooting the films "The Dark Knight" and "Warrior" was based on the principles of the basic program( four main exercises, low repetitions) and high-calorie nutrition with carbohydrate restriction.

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