Brad Pitt: Fight Club

Brad Pitt

  • Date of birth: December 18, 1963
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight at time of role in the film: 72 kg
  • Best movies: Fight Club, Inglourious Basterds, Mister and Mrs. Smith,"Big jackpot", "Seven".

Muscles for "Fight Club"

To prepare for the shootings in the cult film "Fight Club", which appeared on the screens almost 20 years ago, Brad Pitt seriously changed his physical form. His weight was only 72 kilograms( with an increase of 182 cm), and the level of subcutaneous fat was only 5-6%.

Many believe that to achieve a similar physique, it is necessary to rock and work hard for a long time, but this is not quite so - it is not so much the volume of muscles that is important as their symmetry and the relief obtained exclusively by low body fat.

The secret of the press Brad Pitt

According to the early photographs of the actor, it is easy to see that he was a typical lean from nature ectomorph. Recruitment at a more adult age( films "Troy" and others) was either given with great difficulty, or was achieved with the help of steroids or similar preparations.

Brad Pitt mentioned in interviews that he began reinforced strength training in 1991, before filming in the film "Thelma and Louise", but the main focus was on the development of the press. Pitt mentions that without a diet, the result would be much worse.

Training for "Fight Club"

To prepare for the shootings in the Fight Club, which began in 1998, Brad has been training intensively for several months. Strength training was conducted four times a week, and cardio training - twice. In addition, the actor followed a strict diet.

The number of repetitions in the exercises was high( 15-25 repetitions), the emphasis was at the technical and the slowest execution. Working weights were used averages. Below you will find a training program with approximate weights of one of the weeks.

Bread Pitt training program

Monday: chest

  • Push-ups from the floor - 3 × 25
  • Bench press bar - 25х75 kg, 15х90 kg, 8х100 kg
  • Bench press in the simulator sitting - 15х40 kg, 15х45 kg, 15х60 kg
  • Bench press on the inclined bench- 15x45 kg, 15x40 kg, 15x45 kg, 15x60 kg
  • Arm reduction in the simulator - 15x30 kg, 15x35 kg, 15x40 kg
Tuesday: spin
  • Pull-ups - 3 approaches to the maximum
  • The thrust of the unit to the belt sitting - 3х15( 30 kg, 45 kg, 60kg)
  • Thrust of the upper block - 3х15( 60 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg)
  • Thrust of the T-bar - 3х15( 35 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg)
Medium: shoulders
  • Жим га3x15( 25 kg)
  • Dumbbell cultivation in the sides - 3x15( 15 kg)
  • Lifting dumbbells in front of you - 3x15( 11 kg)
Thursday: hands
  • Bending of hands on the Scott bench - 3x15( 27 kg, 36 kg, 45kg)
  • Hand folding on the block with EZ neck - 3х15( 22 kg, 30 kg, 36 kg)
  • Lifting of dumbbells "hammer" - 3х15( 13 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg)
  • Push-ups on the tricus bench - 3 15( 30 kg, 40 kg, 45 kg)
Friday: cardio
  • 60 minutes of running on the treadmill with 80-90% of MCH( maximum heart rate).
Saturday: cardio
  • 60 minutes of running on a treadmill with 80-90% of MCH.

And where is the workout for the press?

Brad Pitt's program to prepare for the Fight Club did not imply special training of the press and the performance of cunning exercises. The main secret, as mentioned above, was to achieve an extremely low percentage of body fat.

Remember that the ideal press is a combination of genetic factors( primarily the position of the abdominal muscles and the structure of the pelvic bones), as well as the absence of problems with posture. If you swing the press, but do not see the cubes - read this material.

Diet for relief

For giving relief to muscles, Brad Pitt adhered to a high protein diet, taking food six times a day. The basis of the menu was eggs, meat and skimmed dairy products. From sports supplements, the actor used protein cocktails and bars.

The amount of carbohydrates in the diet was average - about 100-150 g per day. The main sources of carbohydrates were green vegetables and whole grains( oatmeal, brown rice and others).The amount of fats was maintained at a level of 50-60 g per day.

Power menu for the relief muscles:

  • Breakfast: 6 egg whites, 75 grams of oatmeal with raisins, protein cocktail
  • Morning snack: canned tuna with whole-grain cake
  • Lunch: 2 chicken breasts, 75-100 g of brown rice or green vegetables
  • Dining snack: protein bar or protein shake with banana
  • After workout: another protein cocktail with banana
  • Dinner: chicken or grilled fish, brown rice, green vegetables, large portion of lettuce
  • Evening snack: fat-free curd or casein cocktail.


The secret of the figure of Brad Pitt and his ideal press in the Fight Club is a low percentage of subcutaneous fat, and not huge muscles. To achieve this form, the actor adhered to a training program with high repetitions and a high protein diet.

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