How to lose weight a man?

Rapid weight loss strategy

Often obese boys and men are trying to lose weight as quickly as possible, setting a goal to lose up to 4-5 kg ​​of fat per month in the gym. However, the body can burn no more than 400-700 g of adipose tissue per week - if you lose more weight, it is water or muscles.

It is also important that these 400-700 g of fat are equivalent to a deficit of 500-900 kcal per day. That's why there is no need to cut your diet more than 15-20% of the daily calorie intake - this will not help lose weight and lose weight faster, but will only burn your muscles.

What are calories and how to properly calculate them for weight loss? Are there programs to determine the caloric content of foods?

How to lose weight without diet?

It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to lose weight without dieting and refusal from fasting and other responsible for fat food. As a result of active training in the gym or a long enough run, you burn no more than 300-600 calories, equivalent to one snickers.

In addition, there are no special exercises for weight loss, and 12-15 reps do not burn fat, as is often believed. FitSeven repeatedly wrote that it is much easier to limit excess calories at the stage of getting into the mouth, and not to burn then with exhausting fat-burning exercises.

How to lose weight to a man: rules

The good news is that men are much easier to lose weight than gaining muscle. That's why you need to get rid of excess weight correctly - otherwise you risk burning with fat and muscles, becoming the owner of a bony and flat body with saggy skin. Distinguish harmful and useful carbohydrates .If you want to lose weight, you will have to give up fast carbohydrates with a high glycemic index( sweet, sugar, white flour products), instead of them preferring green vegetables and whole grains. The problem of sweet is that it fuels appetite and causes overeating.

  • Accelerate metabolism by the exercises .Instead of exhausting the run and other attempts to burn fat with cardio training, do power exercises - this will not only speed up your metabolism and normalize metabolism, but will also allow you to gain muscle mass, which will undoubtedly improve the overall body shape.
  • Do not try to abruptly give up eating .A man with a dry body weight( weight minus fat) of 70 kg needs at least 2000 kcal per day. Reducing the calorie content below this figure provokes a metabolic disorder, increases the level of stress hormones and reduces the production of testosterone - in the end, the body will try to store fat, and not burn it.
  • Use the fat burners. In the absence of heart problems, with pressure and other contraindications, you can take proven fat burners and thermogenics - they blunt appetite, while increasing the level of human activity. Despite the fact that they do not burn fat by themselves, they can help lose weight.
  • Do not chase the fast result of .Excessively fast weight loss threatens both the occurrence of health problems, and the return to the previous weight in a few months. If your goal is not only getting rid of fat, but also maintaining a normal weight, you should lose weight no more than 2-3 kilograms per month.
  • A simple male diet and a description of the diet for fat burning - all about how to remove the soft abdomen and return the body back to normal.


    If your body weight is more than 80-90 kg and you have never learned to run professionally, active training on the treadmill will only break your knees, and not burn excess fat. Remember that for effective weight loss is important not the choice of cardio( running or fast walking), but the pulse rate.

    Continuous training in the fat burning zone of the pulse( at least 40-45 minutes at a pulse of about 130-140 beats per minute) is the best way to lose weight properly. At the same time to normalize the metabolism and insulin level in the blood for 3-4 hours before such training is not recommended to eat anything.

    Training on an empty stomach

    For quick weight loss men are recommended slow and long cardio before breakfast early in the morning. Despite the fact that doing sports on an empty stomach is much more difficult, this is what causes the body to rebuild metabolism and actively use reserves.

    Also an effective tool for weight loss is interval starvation - food is consumed only from 12 to 20 hours of each day, and the remaining 16 hours the body is starving. The metabolism does not slow down, because during the day the body receives enough calories.


    In order to lose weight and get rid of excess weight, it is recommended to men and boys first of all to reconsider the eating habits, and only then to think about fat-burning exercises. In this case, the process of losing weight should be gradual, otherwise the body will begin to get rid of the muscles.