Kinomofs about fitness

Home Workouts

If the film implies the maturation of the character, then one of the mandatory moments will be cutting from home workouts in the form of push-ups and pull-ups - two minutes of cutting the frames of performing these exercises with vigorous music and the hero is practically not recognized.

In reality, pull-ups and push-ups from the floor can be a warm-up - but you can not talk about maintaining or typing a form. To gain at least some noticeable muscle mass at home, you need not only dumbbells, but also a bar with a set of weights.

What natural products can replace protein isolates, fat burners and other sports nutrition?

Running in the hoody

Almost in all the Hollywood films of the nineties and 2000s, jogging was done exclusively in hoodies and various types of hooded sweatshirts. A vivid example can be the character Rocky Balboa performed by Sylvester Stallone.

In fact, running in a cotton sweatshirt is strongly discouraged because it does not provide air circulation. Having absorbed the sweat, the jacket will begin to overheat the body, and let the cold air pass. Remember that in winter you need to run in special clothes.

Faster, bigger, stronger!

If the character on the screen is doing sports, then he should look like he really does sports - the exercises seem to last for hours and are on the verge of physical possibility. At their end, the hero sweats later and looks completely exhausted.

Shock and prolonged training for an unprepared organism are one of the most common causes of sports injuries. Remember that in real life you do not need to hurry and in no case do you need to train on the "last gasp".

Push-ups from the floor

Exercises, the most demanded filmmakers, are definitely push-ups from the floor. Firstly, it allows to show the work of almost all the muscles of the actor's body, and secondly, the viewers unambiguously read it( in contrast, for example, from bench press lying).

The view that push-ups from the floor should form the basis of any training program, as each superhero does this exercise - is deeply mistaken. Remember that there is only a reason that the actor does this exercise on the screen - it's "spectacular".

Exercises for the press and weight loss

If the hero( or heroine) is losing weight on the plot of the film, then the mandatory element of the program for weight loss will be the performance of classical body torso on the press with a trainer holding his feet. The character must be sweating at the same time.

In fact, no exercises on the press are able to burn fat deposits in this area - no matter how many twists you perform, the stomach can not be removed in this way. The first thing that starts losing weight is a well-designed meal plan.

Serious training

Try to remember at least one movie in which the actor made a deadlift or squats with a barbell. Strength training on the screen often consists of tense dumbbell lifts on the biceps, pull-ups on the crossbar, twists and push-ups from the floor.

As in all other cases, directors avoid showing a real training process because it is not so "effective" and "sexy" as the biceps or push-ups. However, to conclude that it is only necessary to train - an error.

Sports nutrition

As hard as the hero did not practice on the screen, as if actively on the plot he did not gain muscle mass, you'll never see a frame as he mixes the protein shake. At best, he will drink water, Coca-Cola or its "sports" version - Powerade.

Probably, the filmmakers are simply afraid to mislead the mass audience - after seeing how the hero accepts "incomprehensible substances" such as creatine, many may think that these are steroids. However, a real set of muscles without sports nutrition is almost impossible.


The idea that it can be pumped up at home, just pulling up and pushing, as Batman and other superheroes do so - is deeply mistaken. Hollywood movies almost never show a real training process.