Natural fat burners


Despite the popular misconception, caffeine in itself does not have a fat-burning effect, and the thermogenic effect it creates is insignificant. Caffeine works exclusively in combination with other substances, enhancing their effect( 1).

It is important to note that caffeine helps to increase the effectiveness of training, which indirectly increases the amount of calories consumed. The recommended dosage is 200-400 mg an hour before training, which is equivalent to two espresso.

Green tea extract

Research confirms that catechin antioxidants( catechin), contained in green tea, can accelerate metabolism, causing the body to burn calories faster. This effect is especially pronounced in combination with caffeine( 1).

A group of subjects taking 270 mg of green tea extract together with 200 mg of caffeine burned 200 kcal per day more than those who did not take supplements. In addition, the subjects had normalization of insulin levels( 2).


As in the case of green tea extract, the substances of catechins and polyphenols contained in the mate drink have a positive effect on fat metabolism, with the constant use of normalizing the levels of cholesterol and insulin.

According to the study of the Brazilian Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis , the daily intake of 330 ml of mate( a drink made from 50 grams of dry leaves per liter of water) reduced the cholesterol level by about 10% in 40 days( 3).


According to a series of studies, contained in the peel of mandarin, grapefruit and bitter orange, the synephrine substance exerts an effect on the body that is comparable to the epinephrine banned in a number of countries.

Synephrine blocks receptors responsible for feeling hungry, which affects the appetite, besides it affects the central nervous system, increases the heart rate and blood pressure, which is expressed in fat burning( 4).

White Beans

White beans( white kidney beans) are a plant product containing the maximum amount of the enzyme phosphatidylserine, which has a positive effect on fat metabolism and reduces cortisol levels( 5).

In addition, there are a number of scientific studies showing that the extract of white beans at a dosage of 500 mg - 1.5 g is a kind of "carbohydrate blocker", naturally normalizing the level of glucose in the blood after eating( 2).


Recent studies by Military Medical University, Shanghai have confirmed that a diet high in calcium in the diet( 1000 to 1300 mg / day) has a fat burning effect, while a lack of calcium( 200-300 mg / day) accelerates the collection of fat6).

Accumulating in fat cells, calcium slows down their growth and increase in volume, provoking energy metabolism. However, we note that excessive consumption of calcium is toxic and damaging to health, therefore it is important to observe the recommended dosage.

Linoleic acid

The studies of Ohio State University have shown that with the constant intake of linoleic acid-containing oils, the level of adiponectin hormone responsible for fat burning increases by 20%.

The highest amount of linoleic acid is found in safflower oil( about 75%), grape seed oil( 70%), sunflower oil( 65%), hemp( 60%), while in popular olive oil, only about 10%( 4).


A diet with foods rich in calcium and oils containing linoleic acid will have a positive effect on metabolism, helping to burn fat faster. Taking a number of natural supplements before training will accelerate this progress even more.


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