Push-ups on the uneven bars

Uneven Exercises In order to pump up the pectoral muscles, it is important to use not only exercises to increase strength( bench press or dumbbell dilution), but also exercise with body weight to develop a neuromuscular connection between the brain and the musculature. First of all, it's push-ups from the floor and push-ups on the uneven bars.

The goal of push-ups on the uneven bars is the perfect adherence to the technique and the conscious involvement of the muscles in the work, and not just the race for the number of repetitions or the increase in extra weight. At the same time, remember that the exercise with weights is recommended only to advanced athletes.

How to choose the weight of the bar with bench press and other exercises? All about the importance of conscious involvement of muscles in work.

What muscles work?

The main muscle groups that work when performing push-ups on the uneven bars are the pectoral muscles, triceps and musculature of the shoulder girdle. Also, with the right technique, the abdominal press( including the inner abdominal muscles), the body and the upper back are actively involved.

It is exactly that push-ups on the uneven bars involve almost the entire musculature of the body, is their main difference from bench press lying. Even with the incline of the rod, the load is only on the pectoral muscles and on the shoulders, virtually eliminating the movement of the small muscles of the body.

Push-ups on the bars: anatomy exercises

The key moment when doing push-ups on the bars is that the body weight is not concentrated in one point( the body), but in two( the top of the body and knees bent at the knees).That is why the trunk should not be strictly perpendicular, but should be at an angle of 30-40 degrees to the vertical.

Performing push-ups on the uneven bars with the slope of the body will correctly distribute the load and involve in the work not only the lower breast, but also the shoulders, the muscles of the hands, the back, and also the stabilizing muscles of the trunk. To increase the involvement of the press at the lowest point of the movement of the leg, you can pull up to the waist.

Description of the correct technique

At the top of the exercise the hands are straight, elbows are fixed, the chest is opened and looks up;the body is maximally perpendicular to the floor. Lowering, pull the pelvis back, simultaneously tilting the body forward. At the bottom point, the elbows are parallel to the beams, the shoulders are just below the level of the elbows.

While performing push-ups on the uneven bars, be careful to make a full cycle of movement - do a second break at the top and bottom points of the amplitude to avoid the temptation to shorten the movement. Watch the speed - it is necessary to perform the exercise slowly.

How to properly press on uneven bars?

FitSeven wrote that muscle fibers are of two types - fast and slow. Exercises with added weight develop fast fibers, whereas for the development of slow ones, static and isometric exercises are needed. The best example of such an exercise is the bar for the press.

It is necessary to consider push-ups on the beams as a static exercise to develop a sense of balance of the body and the joint work of the left and right parts of the body, and not just as a power exercise for muscle growth. Only such an approach will make it possible to carry out the traffic correctly.

A tight belly and a powerful press are just one exercise. How to make the bar correctly?

Program for push-ups on uneven bars

For the development of two types of muscle fibers with push-ups on the uneven bars it is necessary to combine the dynamic and static performance of the exercise. First, hold for 30 seconds at the top, then 10 seconds at the lowest point, rest for 1 minute, then follow 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

While doing the exercise, remember that your goal is to maximize the amount of muscle involved in the body, not just the chase after repetition or the increase in extra weight to the detriment of the technique. In the basic program of push-ups on the uneven bars can enter as a warm-up.

Errors in the

exercise The main mistake with push-ups on the bars is to partially perform the exercise without completely lowering the case, leaving the shoulders higher or at the elbow level. This movement is simpler, but the chest muscles are only partially involved in the work.

Another common mistake is the direction of the elbows to the sides, not backwards. It is important to ensure that the elbows when pushing up on the uneven bars are as close to the body as possible, and at the bottom point of the motion the blades are folded. Otherwise, the shoulder joint will get excess and unnecessary load.


Push-ups on the uneven bars - the most important exercise for the development of pectoral muscles and the shoulder girdle. The advantages of the exercise are the complex involvement of the entire musculature of the body( including the press) and the development of not only fast but also slow muscle fibers.