Body by summer: 9 weeks

Why does not muscle grow?

In the material of the last week of the program "Body to Summer" we talked about the strategy of recruiting dry muscle mass. In today's material, we will consider in detail the issue of concern to many - why, despite the persistent training, the muscles do not grow and do not get to work at all.

To create a sports body, you do not need to go to the gym every day, exhausting yourself with sophisticated trainings on the professional star program from the instagram. To change the figure, you need to understand that the muscles, and especially the press, are 80% diet and 20% training.

What is the physique of guys that attracts girls the most? Why is the relief press and clean skin more important than the pumped muscles?

Problem number 1: "I want to lose weight and get pumped"

It is extremely difficult for an organism to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time, because these are two fundamentally different processes: the first requires energy deficiency, the second - its excess. Alternating loops to a set of masses with cycles to enhance the relief will give much more effect than combining the two goals.

Within the framework of the Body to Summer program, we have already considered the two most effective methods of fat burning: high-intensity HIIT training and turbulent training. At least once every two months, we recommend dedicating the entire training week to this fat-burning training.

Problem number 2: "Why do not hands grow?"

Even in the context of beach training, it is erroneous to give excessive attention to pumping the muscles of the hands, namely, the biceps and triceps. Remember that the muscles grow more not from strength exercises, but from the hormones produced by the body. Isolating exercises on the biceps, in fact, do not affect the hormonal background.

Hands work in all basic exercises - it's impossible to do standing pull or bench press with 80 kg of working weight, having a weak triceps. For the growth of the muscles of the hands it is important to improve the technique of the basic exercises and regularly increase the weight on the bar, and not to waste time on endless exercises with dumbbells.

Problem # 3: "Why are there no cubes on the press?"

Despite the fact that the press does not manifest itself by losing weight, a flat and embossed abdomen is not possible at a high level of fat. First, get rid of the fatty layer, and only then go to the really important exercises for pumping the internal muscles of the abdomen.

In addition, it is erroneous to see the press only as a direct abdominal muscle - in reality, for its effective pumping it is necessary to strengthen the entire musculature of the trunk. On the strategy for developing the lateral press and the muscles of the hull, we told you at the 5th week of the training program "The Body for Summer".

Problem number 4: "I have bad genetics"

From the physiological point of view, people are strikingly similar, and even different types of physique are not so different from each other. For achievement of result and growth of muscles always persistence and time is required - the maximum speed of a set of muscular mass makes no more than 0.2 kg a week.

Most of the trainees do not even try to evaluate the effectiveness of their training program( simply not having any program), or change it every two weeks - you can not make progress with this training regime even with the ideal sports genetics.

How many hours before training can you eat? Nutrition rules for muscle mass gain.

Problem number 5: "I'm afraid to gain fat"

To gain mass, the body needs calories, and for muscle growth - carbohydrates. If you are afraid to gain fat and eat at the level of 2000 calories per day( or do not even imagine how many calories and macronutrients you eat), you never will not achieve its goal and gain muscle mass.

In addition, there is no need to blindly believe in the power of sports nutrition and expensive bio-additives - they are only able to supplement the diet, and not replace it. The basis of the diet for muscle growth is the usual food - cereals, green vegetables, lean meat and vegetable oils.

Training program 9 weeks

Do the program last week, paying attention not so much to large weights, how much technique and the fullest sense of control over working muscles. Your goal should be to improve the quality of the training, not its quantity or senseless weight gain every week.

Remember that the muscles do not grow from the fact that you are out of your last strength, bending all over your body, shifted a huge weight - the muscles grow from the right technique and a conscious increase in the load. In this case, the load on the muscles can be increased and by mental control, rather than weighting the rod.


Typical problems, due to which the muscles do not grow, is insufficient caloric intake and lack of consistency in training. In addition, most do not even think about what the pros and cons of their current training program are and how it can be improved.