HIIT: interval training

What is HIIT?

HIIT( "High-Intensity Interval Training") is a high-intensity interval training, which is a power or cardio workout with a consistent alternation of maximum, moderate and moderate levels of stress. The main task of the HIIT training is rapid fat burning.

In this article you will find the scientific justification for the effectiveness of the technique of high-intensity interval training, practical advice, as well as information on contraindications. Specific examples of HIIT training we examined in detail in the framework of the program "The body to fly."

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HIIT: a scientific explanation of

Usually, when running an average intensity, mainly slow-type muscle fibers are used, which use fat as energy. However, training HIIT with periods of the highest possible intensity causes the body to use fast muscle fibers.

Since the main source of energy for fast muscle fibers is glucose, with high-intensity interval training the body has to constantly "switch" from glucose to fat - this is what ensures the acceleration of metabolism and powerful drying of muscles.

HIIT Exercises and Growth Hormone Growth

Like circular training, high intensity HIIT training leads to an increase in the level of growth hormone. It should be noted that contrary to the name, in adults this hormone is not responsible for increasing body growth, but rather for burning fat and a set of lean muscle mass.

The reason for such processes is the active "leaching" of glycogen stores from muscles during intervals with maximum activity. After the glycogen ends, the body has no choice but to start burning fat, and for this it is necessary to produce growth hormone.

Advantages of HIIT

training The key advantage of high-intensity interval training is the acceleration of metabolism and the activation of fat burning processes due to an additional increase in oxygen consumption by various body tissues. In fact, the level of aerobic endurance increases( 1).

Also, HIIT exercises have a positive effect on glucose metabolism, reducing the sensitivity of fatty tissues to insulin. It is also important that the number of calories burned in such a training is higher than in a conventional cardio or force training, since the post-training period is also involved.


High-intensity interval training is a rather advanced mechanics of training. If you have never been involved in active sports, you should not start with HIIT, since severe stress can be dangerous for both the cardiovascular system, and for the joints and ligaments.

This type of training is absolutely not like people with various diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system, because during the training usually increases the level of blood pressure. Among other things, HIIT training is contraindicated for diabetics.

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Practical tips for

There is no general rule for periods in HIIT, because they depend on the type of physical activity. Usually with strength training 20 sec.activity alternate with 10 seconds.rest, with cardio - 15-20 seconds of sprinting or fast torsion of a bicycle with 30-40 seconds.walking distance( 2).

  1. Before training, HIIT, avoid the intake of fat burners containing caffeine or other stimulants. Such drugs increase blood pressure and increase the heart rate, which can cause negative health effects.
  2. During exercise, do not use sports drinks such as PowerAde or Gatorade. The fast carbohydrates and sugars contained in them will worsen the processes of using glycogen stores in the body, substantially blocking fat burning.
  3. After interval training, refrain from visiting the sauna, because high temperatures adversely affect post-training metabolism. A cold shower, on the contrary, will improve metabolism, while reducing the heart rate.
  4. Discard HIIT training while on a low-carb diet. In the absence of glycogen stores, the body can respond to such interval training by loss of consciousness. If you follow CKD, use HIIT exclusively on the first day of the keto phase.


High-intensity interval training HIIT is one of the fastest ways to dry muscle and burn fat for a short enough workout. The main advantage of HIIT is that this training raises the level of growth hormone, helping to gain a dry muscle mass.

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