Dukan Diet: review

Age: 35 years

  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight before the diet Dykana: 87 kg
  • Weight after the diet: 68 kg
  • Why I decided to lose weight

    I decided to take up my body and health when I had to pass some routine analysisblood. It turned out that my pressure was increased to 160 by 110( and this is 35 years), cholesterol at the upper border, and the level of glucose in the blood is close to diabetes.

    The doctor prescribed me a bunch of medications, but she also said that you need to start with the normalization of weight and control over what I eat. Perhaps, then it will be possible to solve problems without a huge number of different tablets. At that time, my weight was 87 kg with a height of 172 cm.

    Dukan: the first results of

    I was given very hard diets with the restriction of the number of calories and food - I was too fond of eating. I began to look for other options that do not impose strict control on food. As a result, in early June 2013 decided to lose weight on the Ducane diet with weight, as mentioned above, 87 kg.

    The result of the first days pleased. I did not want to stop now. The main thing for me was that I ate my favorite meat, poultry, fish in huge quantities and lost weight! I did not do sports, did what the diet recommends( walking 30 minutes a day and refusing the lift).

    The new way of life

    I reached my minimum weight of 68 kg on October 1, 2013. It turned out that for 4 months of dieting I dropped 19 kilograms! However, during my stay on Dyukan, protein foods were boring me and I decided to try to count calories.

    At first it was difficult because of the feeling of hunger. It took time to adjust, but it worked. I still count on calories. Very convenient and simple - I can not imagine how to eat differently. Besides this, of course, I eat exceptionally healthy food!

    Dukan Diet: in your own words

    The main principle of the diet is to reduce carbohydrates and fat in the diet to almost zero. For the proper functioning of the metabolism and digestion, there are vegetables( a source of vitamins and minerals) and fiber( 1-2 tablespoons of oat bran per day).

    The diet itself is divided into four phases: Attack, Rotation, Fastening, Stabilization. Attack is the shortest stage, lasting 2-6 days( only protein products).During this time, you can lose 2-4 kg of weight, since a large amount of liquid leaves the body.

    The main period of the

    The main stage of the Ducane diet is the alternation of protein and protein-vegetable days. First, only protein products, then - vegetables and proteins in equal proportions. The body gets fiber and vitamins, but the total amount of carbohydrates is not too high.

    You can alternate 1/1( day after day), 2/2,. .. 5/5.It does not matter. However, I noted that 2/2 and 3/3 are simply more convenient in everyday life. You can cook something at once food for two or three days and eat it. This stage continues until the desired weight is achieved.

    Fastening and stabilizing

    Fastening is a very simple step. Duration: 10 days for every lost kilogram. At this stage, one portion of fruit per day, a portion of bread and cheese, fatty meat once a week is added to the diet. And every day, all the products from the Phase of Alternation.

    Stabilization - this stage lasts the rest of your life. Principles: one to three tablespoons of oat bran per day and one day per week only protein foods. At all stages of the diet, intensive walking is required 30-60 minutes a day, refusal of the lift.

    Pros and Cons of Duck Diet

    For me, the main advantage of the diet was the lack of hunger. You can eat at any time and in any quantity. The diet consists of simple, understandable products. You can eat without problems in restaurants, ordering a chicken or beef steak on the grill, fish, vegetables.

    Among the minuses I will mention the lack of fruit, constant thirst and the smell of acetone from the mouth on protein days( the result of ketosis).Some people who lose weight have difficulties with digestion. It is also important that the diet is not suitable for those who have kidney problems.


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