Lose weight by 21 kg

  • Name: Joran
  • Age: 23 years
  • Height: 191 cm
  • Weight to: 105 kg
  • Weight after: 84 kg

To lose weight: motivation

In the summer of 2009, I realized that something went wrong with my body. When I saw a figure of 105 kg on the scales, I decided that it was time to lose weight. My friend advised me a good gym with a coach, and I started training. My first program was training on all the muscles of the body right away with the basic exercises.

Already in the autumn I achieved remarkable results and dropped 7 kg of extra weight without any difficulties. However, I thought that this was just the beginning of my journey - I did not want to be fat and feel embarrassed about my body. I really wanted to lose weight, to become fit and athletic.

How do sports fat burners work and are they really effective for weight loss and "fat burning"?

Refusal of harmful products

At some point I realized that some fat-burning exercises are not enough and you need to completely reconsider your diet. At first I refused chocolate and other high-calorie fast food - I will honestly say that it was not easy for me to do this and I had to fight seriously with the desire to eat sweet.

The first big change was breakfast - I switched to fruit, low-fat yogurt and whole grain cereal. The result was the loss of another 12 kilograms of hated fat. But, although by that time I had already dropped almost 20 kg, the long-awaited press of cubes had not appeared.

Training for burning fat

Usually, for slimming and fat burning, I did a long workout - 20-30 minutes running on a treadmill or other cardio before strength training. But my coach advised it to change. Now, after completing the basic training, there was a 20-minute interval training HIIT.

What is interval training? This is the fulfillment of cardio at different "speed levels" - first you run as fast as possible, then a minute or two to regain breath, then moderate running, then again as quickly as possible. The goal is not to let the body adjust to the load.

Why does this work for weight loss?

Strength training requires the destruction of glycogen stores - carbohydrates stored in muscle stores and used as an energy source. The interval training conducted at the very end forces the body to use the energy of fat stores. It's hard, but it works.

At this stage, I realized that my strength training should also be changed. I refused to work out the entire body in one workout with basic exercises and switched to a 4-day split. Now I trained the functionally connected muscles( for example, the chest and triceps) in one day.

Best diet for weight loss

I completely agree with the phrase that the press is diced not in the gym, but in the kitchen. The real result came when I began to not just count calories, but to think about what I was eating. The discovery of this stage was paleodieta, on which my weight reached 84 kg.

At the heart of this fairly simple diet lies the complete rejection of sweets, semi-finished products and other "modern" foods. It is recommended to eat only what was human food for thousands of years, and not what was done at "food factories" 10 years ago.

How to feed on the palaeodite

Paleo admits to eating fish, meat, almost any vegetables, fruits and nuts. Cereals are limited, as modern wheat and other crops rich in gluten are not very similar to those that grew even 100 years ago. Rice, buckwheat and potatoes are limited.

The basis of nutrition on paleodietta is meat. When it is important to buy the meat of the best quality from the farms, where animals have access to the paddock in the air and grass feeding, and do not sit in cages and feed on corn and "protein supplements"( the crushed bones of their brethren).

The secret of the relief muscles

Among other things, I try to limit the level of salt in the diet, as it causes a fluid retention in the body, resulting in the musculature looks less pronounced. This is especially true for the press - any errors in nutrition are primarily reflected in fat on the stomach.

Despite the fact that in the last year my weight practically does not change, I see how the composition of my body changes, excess fat decreases and muscles strengthen. At the moment, I achieved a reduction in body fat to a record low of 6% - with a serious enough weight of 84 kg!


Weight loss is not so much training as a complete change in the approach to nutrition and lifestyle. I love my new sports body and do not understand how I could run myself to such a state when it was hard for me even to climb the stairs.

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