Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

  • Date of birth: 2 March 1968.
  • Height: 178 cm.
  • Weight: 81-86 kg.
  • Best movies: "007: Spectrum", "007: Coordinates of Skyfoll", "Girl with a dragon tattoo", "Casino Royale", "Memoirs of a loser".

The secret of the figure of Daniel Craig

Being a classic mesomorph, since the student days, Daniel Craig was actively engaged in power training, professionally playing rugby. The above picture was taken in 1999 - many will envy such a physical form.

The secret of Craig's figure is to work on creating ideal proportions. With enough average growth of 178 cm, the emphasis on the musculature of the shoulder girdle and torso gives the actor a truly massive appearance. The second secret is a high level of muscle relief.

Training for Embossed Muscles

Daniel Craig's program is composed by his personal trainer, Simon Watherson, one of the most respected in Britain fitness professionals, coaching actors and celebrities. The purpose of training is to create a dry and lean body.

The program is based on the principle of circular training, according to which all the muscles of the body are worked out at once, and the exercises follow without interruption. It is believed that in circular exercises, the maximum number of calories is burned without letting the muscles break down.

Circumferential training: exercise complex

For burning subcutaneous fat and maintaining muscle mass, Daniel Craig trains 3 times a week, performing 7 consecutive 15 repetitionsthey make up one set) in three or four sets. At the end of the training, there are exercises for the press.

  • Boom lift with push-up
  • Boom bends
  • Bench press bar
  • Pull-up
  • Push-ups
  • Lifting rod for biceps
  • Lifting dumbbells at the sides

At the beginning of the training, a warm-up set with a smallerweight. It is important to note that this program dries the muscles, but does not create them - if you just want to lose weight, you should start with the right diet and moderate loads.

Raising the rod with push up

Lifting rod with push up
The exercise combines the lifting of the bar onto the chest and the bar press while standing. The starting position is similar to the deadlift: legs on the width of the hips, the socks are slightly diluted, the bar of the bar practically touches the legs, hands are straight, elbows are fixed, the back is perfectly straight.

Slowly and without jerks, lift the bar up, while watching the position of your wrists, without wringing them. When the bar is at the chest level, slowly stand up, balancing your left foot forward, then push the bar up, lifting it over your head.

A set of exercises for the press

After completing four sets of seven circular exercises, follow the exercises on the press and the final cardio. Each exercise on the press is performed as many times as possible;all you need is two cycles of these exercises.

  • Torsion with fixed legs
  • Torsion with legs on the bench
  • Lifting the legs in the vise
  • "Vacuum in the abdomen"
  • Training HIIT: interval running - 20 minutes

Diet and nutrition scheme by Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig's menu is based on a rigid restriction in simple carbohydratesand starches: bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, various cereals, as well as most sweet fruits are completely excluded. The food is taken every two hours in small portions.

The basis of the diet is green vegetables( green beans, spinach, broccoli, Brussels and other cabbages), pseudo-cereal crops( buckwheat, cinnamon, amaranth) combined with fish and low-fat meat. Also used are various nuts.


The secret of the figure of Daniel Craig is to work to create the ideal proportions of the body and maintain a high level of the musculature relief. The program of trainings of the actor is based on the principle of circular training, ensuring the achievement of muscle relief without burning them.