Three types of build

What is body type?

In the scientific literature, the theory of somatypes is popular, implying a conditional separation of different types of human physique into three key categories: ectomorph( prone to leanness), mesomorph( athletic and muscular from nature) and endomorph( prone to fatness and excess weight).

A similar theory is used not only in psychology, bearing the names of temperament types( sanguine, melancholic, choleric and phlegmatic), but also in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine. In fact, the doshas of the Vata type are equivalent to the ectomorph, the dosha of Pita to the mesomorph, the dosha of Kapha to the endomorph.

Body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph

Determining the type of physique on the wrist

It is believed that the thickness of the bones is one of the key characteristics of the type of build. Ectomorphs have thin bones, endomorphs - wide. It is also important that the girth of the wrist remains unchanged regardless of the amount of fat or muscle mass in the body.

In most cases, in men, the ectomorphs of the wrist circumference( measured on the bone) are less than 17 cm, in the mesomorphs - 17-20 cm, in endomorphs - more than 20 cm. In the table below you will find other characteristics that facilitate the determination of your body type.

Body style Key Features
  • narrow shoulders and a flat chest
  • Thin and long limbs
  • Thinness and low fat
  • broad shoulders and well-developed chest
  • medium or large bone
  • Low fat level at
  • noticeable muscleLarge bone and massive limbs
  • Short arms and legs, wide waist and hips
  • Overweight fat loss

How to determine your body type?

Anthropologist William Sheldon, the author of the theory of types of build and temperament, separately noted that "pure" somatotypes are rare. In real life, each individual person is a combination of three types of physique in certain proportions.

Interestingly, in some people the top of the body has the characteristics of one type of physique, and the bottom of the other. That's why most people find it difficult to determine whether they are endomorphs, mesomorphs or ectomorphs - and they can not help them with online calculators of the physique type.

Should I believe in this theory?

Despite the fact that the majority of fitness websites persistently advocate the theory of three types of physique, the scientific community recognized its insolvency back in the 1970s. The main reason was that in reality there are countless combinations of somatotypes.

FitSeven recommends that you adhere to the following recommendations for nutrition and training for different body types only if you can relate yourself to one of them with 100% certainty. Otherwise, you will need an individual solution.

The main characteristics of the ectomorph of

Training and nutrition for the ectomorph

The history of the ectomorph "before" and "after" is advice on how to gain muscle mass with rapid metabolism. Recommendations for nutrition and training for the ectomorph.

  • Low level of subcutaneous fat
  • Narrow shoulders and flat chest
  • Thin and long limbs
  • Low power indicators
  • Expedited metabolism

Typical ectomorphs have a thin body with long limbs, and a set of muscles( or any weight) is given to them with great difficulty. They have accelerated metabolism and poor appetite, and their muscles do not have a sufficient supply of glycogen for training, which significantly reduces effectiveness.

The strategy of strength training for the ectomorphs should be based on rare, but intensive basic training with a low number of repetitions in the exercises. The key moment is the increased caloric intake and special attention to the carbohydrate window immediately after the end of the workout.

The main characteristics of the mesomorph of

Training and diet for the mesomorph

The history of the mesomorph "before" and "after" - tips how not to run yourself and achieve the best physical shape. The training strategy for physically active people.

  • Low fat with prominent muscles
  • Medium or large bone
  • Wide shoulders and developed chest
  • Fast metabolism
  • Good strengths

Typical mesomorphs have an innate tendency to engage in various sports, increased testosterone and fast metabolism amid good appetite - allthis allows you to quickly gain muscle mass. Most athletes are mesomorphs from nature.

The plus is that the body of the mesomorph requires less time to restore - they can train not 3 times a week, as recommended by ectomorphs and endomophrenia, but 4-5 times. This is the strategy of training mesomorphs - the more training, the more noticeable the result.

The main characteristics of the endomorphs

Exercises and diet for ectomorphs

The history of the endomorph "before" and after "- as from the fatty to turn into a tight athlete. A simple diet and recommendations for fat burning training.

  • Excess fat content
  • Large bone and massive limbs
  • Short arms and legs, wide waist and hips
  • Slowed metabolism
  • Low power indicators

Endomorph is one of the most common body types among Europeans. In such people, a slow metabolism, natural inactivity, and also a love for sweet and fat quickly lead to a set of excess weight, even with a moderate caloric intake.

However, it is in the diet that lies the key to creating a sports body and a flat stomach - endomorphs should closely monitor the glycemic index of carbohydrates consumed( limiting them in the evening), and also regularly engage in fat burning training.


There are three dominant body types - lean( ectomorph), muscular( mesomorph) or fulvous( endomorph).The main differences are love of physical activity, strength of appetite, metabolic rate and the ability of the body to recover from training.