Has testosterone dropped?

Testosterone shortage

A decrease in testosterone levels is one of the main characteristics of a man's aging or a serious metabolic disorder. In many ways, it is the lack of testosterone that leads to a weakening of sexual desire and a decrease in libido, as well as a set of excess weight and loss of muscle mass.

Because the symptoms of a drop in testosterone are highly controversial, many men do not even know about its reduced level. On the other hand, before taking any supplements to increase testosterone, you need to confirm its low level with a laboratory test.

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Low testosterone in young men

The age-related decline in testosterone in men begins at 30-35 years. As the hormone level falls gradually, most men simply do not notice it - if a woman loses at the onset of menopause to 30-40% of hormones, the testosterone drop in men is usually 1-5% per year( 1).

However, lower levels of testosterone may affect even younger men. Causes may include low levels of physical activity and bad habits( primarily smoking and excessive drinking), and poor nutrition, poor in vitamins and microminerals.

Testosterone Decrease and Sex Problems

Strictly speaking, testosterone does not directly affect potency - it only affects the overall excitement and stimulates brain receptors, causing them to synthesize nitric oxide, which triggers the erection process. However, testosterone directly affects the level of libido.

The chronically lowered level of this hormone significantly reduces the interest in sex, as a result of which it becomes difficult for a man to achieve and maintain a quality and long lasting erection, it is difficult to achieve ejaculation, and the general acuity of sensations and orgasm is dulled.

Muscle loss and fat set

Because testosterone is the most important hormone of muscle mass, a decrease in its level is usually associated with muscle loss. Most noticeably, the biceps, the muscles of the chest and legs are "blown away" - while returning the previous volume is difficult even with the help of regular physical training.

In parallel, the body is gaining excess weight, as the genes responsible for the accumulation of fat stores are sensitive to low testosterone levels in the blood. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the growing fatty tissue even more strongly inhibits testosterone and other hormones( 2).

Therapy for increasing testosterone

In many cases, a sharp drop in testosterone levels( especially at a young age) is accompanied by the development of chronic depression in men. The ability to focus on a certain target decreases, a feeling of clouded consciousness arises, motivation decreases, apathy develops.

As in extreme cases this condition approaches suicidal, in many countries the attending physician has the right to prescribe to young men with low testosterone levels a legal course of anabolic steroids, which are, in fact, a synthetic analogue of this hormone.

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Symptoms of low testosterone

In most cases, low testosterone levels will be implicated extremely implicitly - for example, in the form of insomnia. Definitely only a doctor can diagnose a problem on the basis of a blood test. Note that the cost of such an analysis of testosterone levels is low even in paid clinics.

  1. Decreased ejaculate volume. The higher the level of testosterone, the more semen the body produces( 3).Against the background of low testosterone, the volume of ejaculate usually falls. In this case, the interval between ejaculations affects only the concentration of spermatozoa, but not the total volume of the seed, as many mistakenly believe.
  2. Termination of nocturnal erections .A healthy man should experience a morning or night erection at least 3-4 times a week, because it is associated more with daily changes in testosterone levels, rather than with the content of dreams. Chronic lack of such erections may be associated with a decrease in testosterone.
  3. Hot flushes of heat .The decrease in the level of hormones during male andropause, as in the case of women's menopause, provokes "hot flushes"( hot flash ) - an unexpected feeling of warmth, starting from the head and descending below( 4).Sweating at this time also increases.
  4. Changing the character traits of .Low testosterone noticeably dulls the aggressiveness of the traits of a masculine character. If even the excessively rude behavior of others around you is no longer irritating - do not write it off on the wisdom that has come with age. Most likely, this is a decreasing level of sex hormones.


Despite the fact that a smooth decrease in testosterone levels is a normal component of aging, a sharp drop in this hormone can be caused by external causes. If you have noted the above signs, we recommend that you consult a doctor for advice.

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