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Since January of this year, FitSeven will publish a full 45-minute mix every month, which you can use in your training. You can listen to the track either directly from YouTube or by converting it to mp3 using this link.

Our main task will be the selection of music for various types of physical activities. At the same time, we will not limit ourselves to a certain musical style( someone likes house, and some - rock), but rather we will present interesting mixes to your attention.

January: music for strength training

The track begins with the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger that it is important for muscle growth to go through pain and discomfort in the muscles in the last 2-3 repetitions of the exercise. And it is these last repetitions through the feeling of pain - the main difference between the champion and the non-champion.

A selection of music in this playlist will really help you squeeze out more weight and make a couple of extra repetitions, so important to create extra stress and then set the muscles. The main styles of the mix: rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, dubstep.

February: running music

You can often find the opinion that the best style of music for running is the classic trance. In February we will present a track of this direction, created by DJ Tiësto in the distant 2003.Even if you do not like modern trance, be sure to listen to this record.

A fast beat of music will make it ideal for running, and an emotional charge will immerse you in a state of sport trance. The ideal time for jogging for the second part of Nyana's album will be dawn - that's how the name is translated from African Swahili.

March: music for fitness

Speaking of the best dance music for fitness can not be ignored by the radio show Essential Mix, which has been on British BBC Radio 1 for more than 20 years. Every week, Friday night, a certain famous DJ presents his two-hour house-mix.

Below you will find a mix played by the direct author and host of this broadcast, Pete Tong. Speaking of other interesting programs Essential Mix, you can note the mix of the Swedish DJ Avicii and the mix mentioned in the February recommendation DJ Tiësto.


Date of the last update:

  • March 18, 2015