How to increase the grip strength?

The importance of strong hands

When performing basic exercises with a barbell or dumbbells, the ability to work with a lot of weight depends largely on the "strength of the hand" - the strength of the hand and the strength of your fingers. Too weak muscles of the forearm, wrists and hands directly will not allow to hold the projectile.

The most important exercises that require a strong grip are the deadlift rod and rod pull to the belt. The development of wrists is important for pulling up, bench press and lifting the bar to the biceps. Weak forearms and fingers simply will not allow the movement to proceed correctly.

The most effective exercises with dumbbells and with a bar for working out the muscles of the hand. How to pump up the forearm?

Forearm Training

The main exercises for the elaboration of the muscles of the forearms are the extension and bending of the brushes with the bar. Standing straight, take a light bar;bend your arms in the elbows so that your forearms are parallel to the floor;due to the movement of the brush, raise and lower the bar.

Alternate the execution of the exercise with a direct and reverse grip( in one case, the palm looks down, in the other - upwards).The recommended number of repetitions is from 12 to 15. Performing the variation on the bench that supports the forearms is a simplified version.

Simulators for grip strength

At present, many different instruments and simulators are available for training the muscles of the forearm and the hand both at home( expanders and gyroscopes) and as additional elements for strength training( neck extensions).

Because the musculature of the forearm and arms is considered one of the most complex and consists of dozens of small muscle groups, the use of each of these simulators has certain advantages, training the wrist, forearm, and hand differently.

Carpenter expander

Essentially, the carpal expander is a safe variation of the exercises for expanding and flexing the hands with the bar, allowing you to train similar muscles. The main advantage of the expander is the possibility of using outside the gym.

There are many variations of similar simulators - rubber rings, expanders for each brush( two handles connected by a spring), as well as expanders for simultaneous training of both hands. In addition, the popular "spinning" expander - the Powerball gyro.

Gyroscopic simulator Powerball

According to the research of the physiologist Sebastian Axel, conducted in 2008, only four weeks of constant training with the help of a gyroscopic simulator significantly increased the strength of the muscles of the forearm and improved the reflexes of the wrist( 1).

Powerball is used by physiotherapists as a tool for restorative therapy for arthritis and various hand injuries. In addition, the simulator is important for the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome - occupational diseases of office workers.

Fat Gripz Expanders

Special bar attachments serve to increase its diameter. In turn, working with a thicker barbell when doing exercises such as pull-ups, bench press bars and lifting the biceps, significantly increases the involvement of the muscles of the hand and forearm( 2).

Athletes training with Fat Gripz attachments not only note the increase in grip strength and musculature of forearms, but also a more accurate understanding of the technique and mechanics of the movement. Indirect advantage is the increase of working weights in basic exercises.

Simulator Wrist Roller

The principle of functioning of the simulator is winding the rope with additional weight on a special handle 40-50 cm in length and 2-3 cm in diameter. An important advantage is the possibility of making this simulator at home.

The Wrist Roller is designed to train and develop the muscles of the forearms responsible for the rotation of the brush. Direct analogs to this movement does not exist, but the closest are the exercises to unbend and bend the brushes with the bar.


Using exercises, special simulators and attachments on the bar to increase the grip strength helps not only in the development of the muscles of the forearms and the hand, but also increases the strength in the basic exercises, pull-ups and press of the bar on the biceps.

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