Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

  • Date of birth: November 13, 1969
  • Height: 188 cm.
  • Weight: 86 kg.
  • Best movies: "Bounty Hunter", "Law-abiding Citizen", "Rock-n-Roller", "300 Spartans", "Lara Croft 2".

Sporting Butler

Gerard Butler can be called a really sports person - he enjoys football, horse riding, ordinary and water skiing. In addition, he is the owner of the medal for bravery received for saving a drowning boy.

Despite the fact that the actor is actively involved in sports, it is difficult to call a follower of a healthy lifestyle - only recently he quit smoking and limited the use of alcohol. In the interview, he admits that he loves hamburgers, cola, and other fast food.

Why did the actor lose form?

Comparing Butler's photos to "300 Spartans", during the filming of the film, and also several months after their completion, it's hard to believe how quickly he turned from a tightened and muscular warrior to a full-fledged office worker.

According to rumors, the actor was so shy of how quickly he gained weight and lost the terrain, that when he visited the gym was carefully disguised, wore a baseball cap and dark glasses( 1).Apparently, the secret of his form in the film was not only in the training program.

How does Gerard Butler practice?

Gerard says that for the shootings in the movie "300 Spartans" he spent four months training under a special program designed for him by Michael Twait( 2).The program consists of 300 repetitions, and is a variation of the circular training.

Exercises of the program are executed in a row without any interruption, and include 1-3 cycles. The actor needed about 19 minutes to perform one cycle, and after the program became well known, there were those who performed it in only 12 minutes( 3).

"Program 300"

  • Lifting by a wide grip - 25 repetitions
  • Standing draft( 50 kg.) - 50 repetitions
  • Squeezers from the floor - 50 repetitions
  • Jumping on a platform in height of 60 cm - 50 repetitions
  • Lifting the legs on the press lying - 50 repetitions
  • Lifting weights( 16 kg.) With pushing upwards - 25 repetitions per hand
  • Pulling by a wide grip - 25 repetitions

Does this program work?

According to Michael Twait, who developed this program, it is aimed at increasing muscle strength and simultaneously working out the relief due to high activity. Run even one cycle is not so easy, not to mention repeating it again.

But despite the fact that the "Program 300" really works, and many like it very much, the sharp loss of form by Gerard after filming in the film leads to certain thoughts. It is likely that the secret of its form is not only in training.

Diet for photo shoots

One of the most common ways to dramatically improve the shape for a photo session is a low-carbohydrate diet, with the exception of salt and water restriction four days before filming, and a sharp loading with simple carbohydrates just before shooting.

Refusal of salt and restriction in water literally dries the body, and special gels that remove water make the relief even stronger. Carbohydrate loading and pumping exercise directs all the sugar into the muscles, which makes them significantly larger.

The secret of the ideal actors figure

Obviously, this method is only suitable for short-term solutions. Add to it a preliminary epilation of the body, from which the muscles look even more embossed, the correct light and even the makeup on the body( the relief of the muscles can be trite painted).

After this photo and video material are processed by computer, and at the output you get the perfect body. Naturally, it is impossible to make Apollo out of an extremely thin or full man, but an ordinary person can be significantly "improved."


It's likely that the secret form of Gerard Butler in the movie "300 Spartans" is not a training program, although it does work, but in special preparation before filming, and also in the use of computer processing.


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